No Love For You ft. Young Scooter

No Love For You ft. Young Scooter Lyrics Future feat. P. Sonata

[Hook: Future]
Ain’t no love for me, ain’t no love for you
If you say fuck me, nigga you know it’s fuck you
It ain’t no love for you, ain’t no love for you
Ain’t no love for you, ain’t no love for you
Ain’t no love for me, ain’t no love for you
You wanna repeat my moves, think that shit real cool
It ain’t no love for you, ain’t no love for you
Ain’t no love for you, ain’t no love for you

[Verse 1: Future]
You thirsty, you need to drink some lean to quench your thirst
You the worstest, I’ll earth you, I take off with my surka
I screen your call on purpose, I know you niggas lurkin'
Stealin lines out my verses, I rode you out in hearses
And DOA, no culprit
Ain’t nothing to say, get outta my way
Tired of you fake niggas anyway, 200, can you really believe?
I’mma throw it all way, 300 resume
Better congratulate
I’d try to let you participate
While you contemplate, I’ll fuck her case
Dont get more straight,.. it takes to be the greatest
Get these lace and win this race I can’t embrace
None is fake you ain’t my issue
Ain’t my groom, you ain’t my homie
I see you phony and you see this ice on me
I know it make you mad


[Verse 2: Young Scooter]
Here we go again, just like bam nigga
New South cartel, I bought a rim nigga
Heavy deep pockets but I’m a slim nigga
Robin jeans on my ass cause I count big figures
We getting big digits, everything exquisite
These double cups I’m drinkin on, you know my drinks expensive
That’s the reason why I’m cookin up this good bread
8 VVS’s dancing and a big head
We Panamera pushin, Bentley coupe coolin'
Jaguar drivin, Maybach movements
All I think about is cash flow
It ain’t no love for you that’s why I ...


[Verse 3: P. Sonato]
Ain’t no love for these niggas, I see right through them
It ain’t bout money, just keep it movin'
Juggin and flexin', I can’t stop countin'
We mix bricks, finessed up campin
Stupid stackin', bills in the mattress
The black migo gang, why you talkin my language?
Cuz that’s my lingo, you came to Lil Mexico
Million dollar hustle, nothing but bosses in Mexico
I do what I want cuz I’m black amigo
These niggas don’t like it though, prices we never know
I’ll go the extra gram, you know what that pot do
I love my niggas but I don’t fuck wit you


A cut from DJ Dynamite & DJ Sequence’s 2013 mixtape "In Due Season", featuring Future, Young Scooter and P. Sonata.

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