Karate Chop (Final)

Karate Chop (Final) Lyrics Future ATL feat. Casino

You know…
This just real nigga shit
A real nigga story, you know what I’m sayin’?

Slang a bunch of narctoics
Pull up in that new ‘Rari
Livin’ like John Gotti
Choppin’ bricks like karate
Drank a bunch of Codeine
Serving to the dope fiends
Blowin’ money, stay clean
Michael Jackson, Billy Jean

[Verse 1: Future]
Got a Panamera ‘round a young nigga neck
Got a young bitch pullin’ up in a vehic
Smoke a lot of kush and I have a lot of sex
Had to beat a grind up, ran up my check
Venture, nigga, get money, nigga get back
Hold up, brother run it, nigga sell a lot of crack
You can hit a nigga line, order what you want
I could whip a Maserati, pullin’ off the dome
Fifty thousand on your watch, young nigga splurge
Pop an Ace of Spades bottle, sip a lot of syrup
He a young nigga workin’ at a buzz, okay?
I’mma take a phone call, hustle every day


[Verse 2: Future]
Whippin’ up a cake, just to go and snatch a Spider
Young nigga play with keys like a type writer
Al Capone, John Gotti was a nigga idol
I was never snitchin’, I can put it on the Bible
In a four-door Beamer, drivin’ with a rifle
Nigga where you at? Nigga we gon’ pull up on ya
Young bitch lookin’ like Janet in the 80s
We was grindin’ up from a tool and a baby
Got the girl drippin’ wet like a Jheri curl
Got that Styrofoam cup and it’s full of syrup
Sending all the photo messages, come on, let me work
I can get 36 for a clean shirt


[Verse 3: Casino]
Pull up, saw you, in my ‘Rari
Grindin’ like I’m Frank Matthews
Killers rob me like I’m Gotti
If I trip you know I’m sorry
I be fresh don’t need no stylist
I be geekin’ on them mollies
Sery remixed, all said, no clean
My hand like a triple beam
I got workers like machines
All I do is sell dreams
Have my niggas serve fiends
I get dumber than on lean


Who bad?
Karate Chop (Final)

An updated version of Future's "Karate Chop" found on his "Future Hendrix" solo album. It first appeared on his "F.B.G.: The Movie" mixtape.

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