Chosen One

Chosen One Lyrics Future ATL feat. Rocko

Mixtape: F.B.G. The Movie

Bought a phantom cuz I always wanted one
Made a film with them bitches ain’t no one on one
Got this watch and this watch like a one oh one
All my niggas millionaires it ain’t just one
Had a few chains on, I don’t have a one
Bought a few house and I never sleep at one
And I could have ten cars and I wouldn’t drive one
And when you make it from the bottom you the chosen one

Freeband millionaire, the foundation
Turning into summer, yeah I been good at it
Rich nigga since birth, Louis v chinchilla
Bought a brand new Rover, drive it like a 4 wheeler
That’s how it go ap, flooded out with them cushions
Shinning just like molly, I woke up in a new bugatti
Free young Kirk Wood, Young Gotti, free my nigga White Wood too
I woke up to a new baby and a spend that on Jimmy Choo
You got goons around you nigga
I keep shooters around me too
Been a rich nigga from the bottom I came up and I can’t lose


Yo bro we from a different breed
A different animal, a differen beast
Street niggas, teacher say what come out that
I say a pill, im too real, you wouldn’t understand
Gangsta by association that’s a lie
How dare you make that accusation I’m an a1 nigga
Check my verification, do whatever to protect my reputation
Make sure you tell em that, multi tasking business I’m a hustler
Work pump it up inflation, bring your numbers up
Extra point escalation, how you spell dedication
What you know bout determination
Salute the BET appreciated your nomination
RIAA appreciate my certification
Got a job for a hater where your application
All that hater shit, really admiration


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