We Go Where Ever We Want ft. Ne-Yo

We Go Where Ever We Want ft. Ne-Yo Lyrics French Montana feat. Raekwon

Album: Excuse My French

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[Verse 1: French]
Diamond rings, rope chains like a dope dealer
Four-quarter player, three-quarter chinchilla
Gold chains, golden boy, front row center
Niggas buyin cars, we buy the whole dealer
We buy the whole plane, why them hoes playin' with us?
Hundred chains, all the bad hoes came with us
...shorty held me down, wanna be below me
Ghost face, right hand, eagle on it
My brother's keeper with the motherload
Now you're fuckin' undercover with them clever hoes
Talk a hundred chains on, cold dealer
Montana'll write your name on a smoky mirror

[Hook: Ne-Yo]
If the money ain't the issue I don't subscribe
If the money ain't the reason, well then the question is why?
Gettin' money with my people - and we never divide
It's for the love and the money
Make the love stay real and the money multiply
Them niggas can't go where we go
And they ain't gettin' dough like we do
Them niggas can't smoke like we smoke
Them niggas can't go where we go
'Cause we go wherever we want

[Verse 2: French]
I skip praying just to make money
I hope God forgive me, man, I was hungry
I'm tryna clear my thoughts in the clear port
Apple-red Porsche, army guns, air forces
Try and count bills in them sunny hills
Balenciagas, make more than doctors
My crib bigger than your school, nigga
I'm just skiing in the pool nigga
Ten mill' just to settle, nigga
Dead-ass like... nigga
I done started from the block, boy
Now me and Ne-Yo on the top, boy


[Verse 3: Raekwon]
Aye, yo, that's me, kid, words produce
Harry Winston under the goose
Half-moon, the waves exclusive
Catch me uptown shopping in a Lockman
Watch cost 1.5, I've got the blue shit
Everybody love me, his texture is automatic money
Independent drug game, dummy
Gettin' his, raising kids, these are big boy scholars
Flash money like Floyd, got the big gold wallet
Roll out, it's 40 of us in front of the bus
That's the news, stress bubble, pipe the color of crust
Gettin' high, chillin' fly, yelling "multi!"
Now I'm in hard-bottoms
Larry King suspenders and a bow tie


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