Math Lyrics Frank Ocean

Girl when I met you
The numbers were runnin' through my head
I could've wrote down your number
But I memorized them instead, ooh
And on the first date remember the minutes spent together
You called me Rainman then kissed me for three seconds
Ooh, no one else has ever fit the equation quite like you

White picket fence and house to make love
Two kids and a dog named Doug
Thanksgiving dinner so fast in the winter
It's all about trust, it's all about trust
It equals love, equals love
Part of the math, part of the math
Part of the math, part of it all
Part of the math, part of the math
The math, the math, the math, the math

[Verse 2]
We in college, but numbers, you'd be a future seven
And I'd be a platinum three, and we could be a ten together
Oh, and I don't ever want to part, subtraction or division
And if you ever left
I'd go full calculus to get you back, back, back
Cause the fact is, no one else quite fit the equation like that


I said, one plus one says it equals two
Baby me and you only equals love (It equals love, it equals love)
If one means one then it just ain't two
And it can't be love cause it's only one



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