Tell Me When You Ready ft. Future

Tell Me When You Ready ft. Future Lyrics Flo Rida

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[Intro: Future]
International Future
Future Hendrix
Flo Rida global, all across America

[Bridge: Future]
We're here together
Gonna take it to the next level
Tattoo angels, ain't gotta worry about a thing
You stay wide up ready, rockin' all day
Any time of the evening, you ain't got to worry bout a thing
Turn Up!

[Hook: Future]
You know I got liquor, I keep that drink
Tell me when you ready, tell me when you ready (turn up)
We got pain killers, take the pain away
So tell me when you ready, so tell me when you ready

[Verse 1: Flo Rida]
Twenty-four never gonna to sleep till the sun up
Tell me when you ready
We can go all night all day
Baby make the whole day count,
In the club all I see is sparklers
Like birthday candles
Ten models on a regular night
Paid the price for the life
Cause it ain't too much I cant handle
Tell me when you ready got drink for you
Bring a couple of your friends
Got drink for the crew
Got drop for the ladies that love to be ladies
Top floor, we toast on the penthouse roof pop off that
Hour glass breaking so round
I'm so glad that you're ready right now
Oh my God I'mma pop that off
That's just how I feel I'mma be here for a while



[Verse 2: Flo Rida]
Can't hold your cup cause your cup so full
Chase that vodka with a little Red Bull
Pulling up late nights to the back of the club
Baby girl, you know I got pull
I ain't gonna mind if you got twerking
No moaning and try to take it from anything that you deserve
I promise you're ready for that night life, get the night light
Cause it feel right
Baby, ain't no drama, work that body baby,
Sweat that summer, we can do it all night girl, no problem
Fly high, get high, make your money
All you gotta do is say don't worry
I'mma give it all to you, so momma baby ain't no problem
Let's get to that number



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