BKNY (Remix) [Prod. Tom Cruz]

BKNY (Remix) [Prod. Tom Cruz] Lyrics   Fat Tony feat. Mr. MFN eXquire, MeLo-X & Tom Cruz

[Fat Tony]
Brooklyn is where my niggas call home
The bitches thicker than Snickers
Elixers got me throwed
I'm on the Ave sippin Jack
Out the styrofoam
If the laws pass
I'ma dash and get gone
Got grown, left home for NY
Took a red eye and I ended up in Bed-Stuy
Slept on a few floors, did a few chores
Now I do more, never bored
Let me clarify
I Rap-A-Lot for the Bills in Bushwick
And I do smoke kush in Flatbush
At the top of my class, I sit
And I never been afraid of a textbook
Let's look at a nigga straight from the Tré
Southside of the H, my birthplace
Just like King's County, we done lost some greats
R.I.P. [Fat] Pat and MCA
I'm on the MTA (public)
Rolling a J (fuck it)
I rode on the J
Then rode on the A
They say the Dutch
Settled this hoe in 1634
In 1898, it got annexed
And it meshed in with New York
No joke, it ain't for a slowpoke
If you're feeling rigor mortis
Moving like a tortoise
Better get up on a toilet
And make your shit float
Slide like a sailboat on Crisco
Like the Count of Monte Cristo
I'm feeling free, finna let my money tree grow
And I sho ain't tryna see no C.O.
When I'm in BK don't tell my P.O.
I'm a Wild boy, but I ain't no Thornberry
Hit the bodega for 4 [Garcia y] Vega's
And a berry juice, party on the roof
I invite you, you, you, and her too
What it do
BKNY (Remix) [Prod. Tom Cruz]

A remix of this standout cut from Fat Tony's 2013 project "Smart Ass Black Boy", produced by Tom Cruz and featuring Mr. MFN eXquire, MeLo-X and Tom Cruz.

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