Fly Away

Fly Away Lyrics Eminem

[Hook: Just Blaze]
Some people ask me, where I've been lately
They thought I fell off, nobody can save me
They play in the background, I don't back down
So don't get it twisted or try to play me
First I come out, they underrate me
Then I come back, they still try to fade me
They say I'm nasty, they say I'm crazy
Ask what I think and I say maybe I'll fly away
There ain't nothin' in the way so I may as well fly away
There ain't nothin' else to say so I may as well fly away
I know you wanna see me down but we ain't gonna die today
Cause I done been to the top and there's nowhere else to go
The only way you see me is if you lookin' up from down below
And there's nothin' else to say so I may as well fly away
I'm on top of this game so I may as well fly away

[Verse 1: Eminem]
Got my self esteem back, got my confidence up
I'm gonna step up on this stage now, I'm gonna strut
And walk around with my pants hangin' off of my butt
And you ain't 'bout to tell me nothin' boy get off of my nuts
It goes one for the money, two for the show
My shit don't stink? I don't think so
Wipe my ass with the tissue and roll it back up in the roll
Are you ready now, here we go, the bald eagle has landed
I'm back in your hair, sorry for leavin' you stranded
I'm twice as dreaded, evil, and rancid
They can't sit, I don't think anybody understands it
Especially when the world's silly putty in your hands
It's Play-Doh, I ain't back to play, though
They say he died in a fatal, car crash, shows what they know
Shit if I did, it'd be a trailer not a car
The white trash star, I fuck an RV up like Brett Favre
Homie you got it backwards, you're dippin' your soup
Inside your crackers, I can carry rap til my back hurts
Set it down, go right back to the chiropractor
Get my back right then I'm right back on you bastards
I was chasin' the dragon, I don't know what happened
It's like the feelin' I had when I first started rappin'
I just couldn't seem to get back and recapture that magic
So I went back to the lab, that's where I been at when


[Verse 2]
I took a hiatus Haters now I'm back to cause trouble
Got the fuckin' shape of mushroom clouds for thought bubbles
I'ma.. You ain't fuckin' sick, hospital
Won't even give you cough drops for coughs cocksucker
You think you hot you ain't even lukewarm
My puke's hotter than you, you're soft, I use fire to cool me off
I told them I would grow up one day and show them
I'd be able to choke clouds, pick up lightnin' bolts and throw them
Take the world by storm with these words I form
Georgi-porgi kissed the girls, make the girls cry for it
Make them swarm, make them fight over the shirts I've worn
Sworn over my sweat towels it's mind blowin'
Yes I'm livin’ the dream homie, can't nothin’ compare
I’m so up, I’m stuck in mid air, I’m lovin’ it yeah"
It's like these people are steps now, all they do is stare
These haters are so pussy they're afraid to be scared
This is pay back, like I owe them back pay
They spat in my face now I'm back to do them the same exact way
And leave this rap game with a bad taste
And slap it back out before I step back outta this crap, they
Slap me now I'm slappin' them back hey, fuck it
We're slap happy, yeah okay, now I'm talkin' some smack, aye
And I ain't lookin' back, in fact, they can stare at my ass crack
How's that for hind site, what the track say?


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