Tony Montana Freestyle

Tony Montana Freestyle Lyrics Emilio Rojas

[Emilio Rojas]
I don’t idolize actors who play the role of some gangster
I don’t watch The Godfather now to take cues on all my behavior
I don’t look to no priest or church to tell me just what I should pray for
What I believe is much deeper now because good and evil too basic
Seen good people do insane shit and offenders turning to the plaintiffs
Seen Christians turn to crusaders and the same Christians on slave ships
Yeah, who the master now? I seen virgin hoes that got they asses out
And drug users in them clinics with that methadone that they passing out
And so fuck the game with no passion now, get your bread ‘fore it rationed out
I keep rational while y’all gamble now with y’all life motherfucker
But I’m cashing out, got enough paper, I could flash around
I’mma live fast like the flash around, my boo, yeah, she a bad girl now
So the camera out like she an actress now, yeah, she into roleplaying
Anything I want, I’mma go take it, I don’t answer to assault though
Because Emilio ain’t on probation, no dope chasing, that’s so basic
No house arrest, I’mma go places, old money plus new money
Benjamins, they got both faces, two faces like Harvey Dent
When I got money, I’mma party then and I was born into that chaos
I’mma send an anarchy so bring the Harleys in and I’m appalled again
That we are caught up in another war with Iran, bring the martyrs in
When your army is one of the largest in the whole world
Then you gotta start slaughtering and now the world is yours on that Scarface shit
Say hello to my little friend and they made sure they cigar stay lit
When we live a little bit and we getting in the midst of an all-out conflict
First al-Qaeda, then Saddam and it’s Almudin then Ajad
Tell me who the next one that we gonna bomb, they reading us as riot
Acting, telling us be calm, yeah, fuck that, I’m living how I want

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