Rise Above

Rise Above Lyrics Emilio Rojas feat. Laws,Racqdolo

[Verse One: Emilio Rojas]
Yeah I was born without a sin and you was born without a spine
No wonder that you buckle in these nuts in crazy times
Trying to bargain up our debt, all I do is pay no mind
It’s ‘cause my bitch is Chinese, when it collapses, I'll be fine
I ain't even on my grind, I'm fucking lazy, I'm chilling
And I just bust ‘em yeah so when that dollar bottom out
I bring my fortune in, y’all barely stay above the water like a dorsal fin
I'm swimming in this pool of fucking sharks like they some dolphins bitch
And I plan for the future where the government, they planning to loot ya
I was born in the land of the shooters and I moved on to the land of computers
Uptown is Iraq and Fallujah, everybody around getting cash, a Minutia
With a bit of haze and they stash in a new truck so they getting paid
And they stashing for school stuff, you never know what will motivate a man
When you put ‘em in the middle of a run that’s gone bad
When his fam getting hungry in the middle of the sack
All they wanna do is give him what he never had
And I never had much, all I really wanna get is rid of bad luck
Sit it in the back of a mack black truck, when the cash back up, better back that up

[Hook: Racqdolo]
Rise above, tell me where is the love? Why they wanna get lost?
Somebody tell me, where is the love? Where is the love?
Everything ain't as what it seems, I'mma go rise above and show you where is the love

[Verse Two: Laws]
Street magic, David Blaine, feel the need to penetrate the vein
Shit you wearing ain't gon' make you lame, skinny jeans and limousines
Still trapped in that killer’s dream, bag it up and wrap it up
Broke cherries in the back of trucks, you got a pretty face, now back it up
She getting wet like an aqueduct but fuck that, I'm after dollars
Trying to high box that black Impala, study my math, I'm on a path with scholars
Hit ‘em in the head like Matt Hoffer, hit ‘em again if you don't rap proper
Cat doctor, I fix the puss, landscaper, I trim the bush, trailblazer, I blaze the trails
For a frail faker, I get the mail, just get me a ten with a case of ale
I'll put it in the back till my face is pale, if you rap and you hit my sales
That's like Kenan hitting Kel, bitch, keep dreaming, this is my time
Eat the lobsters, drink the fine wine, sup Emilio? Life ain't even a bitch
She a silly ho, you think you bust rhymes, can you really though?
I know it's true ‘cause you see me in the video
Spring Hill, I'm running my fucking city yo
Make job opportunities in the studio
That's thickheaded and dumb, El Stupido
Boogie Nights, just put me in the movie ho


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