Ride Around Slow

Ride Around Slow Lyrics Emilio Rojas

[Verse One: Emilio Rojas]
I hear ‘em talking and I love it but I let ‘em keep they hate
‘Cause otherwise, they stuck with nothing but I’m not the one to fuck with
Roll around with suspects and they look at every day they not in cuffs
Like it’s a success and I’m uptown, around Amsterdam
With women kicking back, we go out to dinner
She don’t eat before she Instagramming but I’m with Hispanics
We ain’t pulling up in Civics though, we be getting low on Panameras
Like we pitching dope and I used to live at home and now I’m out of my mama’s
And I been around, ride with my partners and I’m going out of town where you find us
I ain’t bother with college, nah, I tried it out, it don’t mean shit
When you living like Jay-Z, you don’t give a fuck about a dean’s list
And I’m creeping around with them clean chicks
That don’t know the meaning of clean piss, they don’t ask how my week been
They only ask where that weed is? We living filthy till it kills you
And you can tell the judge the only thing I’m guilty of is being guilt free

Yeah, I ride around slow, yeah, I ride around slow
Little mama getting low up in the passenger seat
We ride around slow, yeah, we ride around slow
Got the windows with the tints ‘cause we don’t wanna be seen
We ride around slow, yeah, we ride around slow
Yeah, you can’t ride with us if you ain’t fucking with the team
‘Cause we don’t ever sleep, the city never sleeps
And we been too busy living our dreams, we ride around slow

[Verse Two: Emilio Rojas]
Yeah and the dudes around me are ruthless, they get stupid at the bar
They taking shots of those excuses and she waking up like she moved in
We ain’t making no breakfast, nah, we getting up and we sexing
And we’re both making a exit, my whole team is so reckless
And they never cared about the law ‘cause what the fuck is a witness
When you gonna tell ‘em just what they saw? My tattoos like identifiers
Uptown where they gentrifying, if they had they way
They probably be okay with that genocide and my better side is my bad side
Better half is that bad bitch, spending money’s addictive
Every day, I’m feeding my habit, my mother used to get mad
And curse me out in broken Spanish but now she run around
Saying conyo ‘cause she’s ecstatic and nothing matter but family
I don’t have friends, if you ain’t my brother
You nothing to me and that’s it, I’m living filthy till it kill me
And you can tell the judge the only thing I’m guilty of is being guilt free


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