Hands On The Wheel Freestyle

Hands On The Wheel Freestyle Lyrics Emilio Rojas

[Emilio Rojas]
She drunk dialing, drunk dialing at the same damn time that she drunk driving
When I answer the call, heard the people wilding in the background
What’s that? “Oh we alright”, now she start laughing, brakes start screeching
She start screaming, heard her car crash
Ah shit, I start asking what the fuck had happen?
And she don’t answer, I start panicking
Running to the car but I gotta get the keys
And remember where I parked, then I gotta hit police
And tell ‘em she involved in an accident, I don’t want her to be harmed
So I’m speeding and I’m weaving in the middle of the street around three ten
And not knowing that the clock is ticking but I’m hoping I can get there
And I beat it, at the scene of the crash and I leave in a flash
And I didn’t even take all the keys out the dash
Looking at a flipped SUV in the grass
And a couple broke trees with the median smash
Ah, ah Jesus spat, ain’t nobody moving, ain’t nobody screaming
Ain’t nobody sitting in the front anymore, I assume they were thrown from the seatbelt
Now the ambulances pull in and the EMTs, they all sprinting
Found bodies burnt in that backseat and the driver seem to be missing
They started searching there, sniffing, looking at me with eyes that ask questions
I ain’t have in me answers though so they started getting aggressive
Like “Where the driver at? Do you think there’s a chance they survived the crash?”
I smile back, “And the windshield didn’t even have a crack
How the hell in God’s name they done got out back?”
Then the sirens flash and behind my back, I turn around
There were clowners behind the badge, put a couple rounds
I’mma fire a gat, then I hit the ground quick and they fire back
Ah shit, what was I involved in? Who the hell was the women that I called then?
And how the fuck did I end up in the crossfire with assault rifles and marksmen?
That’s one cop down, two cops down, cry for a second then a few more rounds
Everybody dead but my boo right now, gotta make a move right now
I don’t wanna be a victim, I don’t wanna talk, I don’t wanna be a witness
Your accessory to know murder ‘cause I fuck with all the wrong bitches
Now I just wanna forget this, skip town then I go on living
But the problem is I’m involved with her so bad, that’s a bitch that I live with, yeah

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