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Climax Freestyle Lyrics Emilio Rojas

[Emilio Rojas]
All I wanna do is rebuild trust, rebuild us, I can’t stand ya
But we still fuck and plan parenthood, we choked up ‘cause your ass is pregnant
But we broke up and you texting me recklessly
Say you wanna put an end to the pregnancy
How you gonna have a little baby with me if your ass don’t have no respect for me?
Your mother hate me, your father hate me, fuck both of them
They don’t gotta date me, who the one making your college payments
When your ass wouldn’t look for a job, you lazy, huh?
I was there for you even though you wanna act like I’m terrible
And then I put you on my back and I carried you
But now you dead to me, I should bury you, when I get hurt, I did dirt
Next day I’m out, I get skirts, I ain’t beat though, I just flirt
You get crazy, I get worse, no accident, it was intentional
You found out about it ‘cause I meant you to
Tasting her was my sin and when we kiss, your lips’ a confessional
I’m good at making you smile, you better at making me cry
You good at making me honest but she better at making me lie
You good at breaking them promises but I’m better at taking your side
We good at running away from us but we never could take it in stride

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