Champion Remix

Champion Remix Lyrics Emilio Rojas feat. Laws,Rittz

Be a champion, be a champion
Be on the winning team even when they say it can't be done
You gave me something to believe in
You gave me something to believe in

[Verse One: Rittz]
Shit I'm late for work again but like an hour sleep
I had a show last night, I rocked it but the crowd was weak
They ain't pay me shit, at least the alcohol was free
So now I'm drinking, thinking about my girl, I'm about to call
And leave a message, saying I miss her and I was wishing that I was at home
She let it be known if there was a guy she'd a be kissing him when I was gone
And I was oblivious when it went on, I was so busy at work and writing raps
It’s like the last four and a half years of my life was snatched in front of me
Suddenly, life’s a mess, the love of my life just left, the shit almost stiffened
Affected my heart, I'm afraid it might collapse, I'm crying for help I guess
While making these suicidal threats and feeling if I don't catch a break
And make it big, it might regress, I can't afford to be fresh, what's less, the price of Guess?
Why the shit you write online affects me, writing like it's life or death
‘Cause I ain't ever made it to 11th grade but I prayed
And the trials and tribulations made me a…

[Hook 2X]

[Verse Two: Laws]
Well I'm the champ, all my challengers are chopped up
I'm giving flesh box cuts, I'm dying my hair in case the bodies pop up
Black and yellow, black and yellow but I ain't Wiz Khalifa
I raped Amber Rose then I went and hit the reefer
I'm kicking ether, I'm the Punisher with different features
These foreign Twitter bitches struggle to get their visa
Just to put some spit on this American dick
I only like ‘em in pairs, I like comparing they tits
To give ‘em four thumbs down, tell ‘em the milk’s gone bad
Kinda miss your wife, tell her bring it on back
I'm feeling like I'm trapped inside a killer’s dreams
I'm feeling like a young Pacquiao in the Philippines
I'm just a broke boy with a vision, I'm Humpty Dumpty
Penthouse with your girl, she is very comfy
You made it on that freshman cover, you are very lucky
Record labels don't know how to spend they money

[Hook 2X]

[Verse Three: Emilio Rojas]
I be going fat but I be getting a small check
And I wondering if I still be getting unemployment after my boss dead
I'm having a vision of getting revenge and I'm thinking I lost it
‘Cause every time I'm looking him into his eyes, I'm seeing corpses
And they scorching ‘cause I torched him, tied him up and I force fed
A couple of gallons of gas, I took a match, lit it and tossed it
I ain't gonna be letting him walk on me like I'm a doorstep
So the next time his family gonna identify him with forceps
I lost it all, it's only right I take his life away, that's the cost of living
Now his children and his wife will pay and I would like his place
I think I'll take it, does that make me a psycho? Maybe, I think I'm breaking
I'm taking his family pics and I'm photo shopping my face in and telling them
He’s on vacation while slipping in his replacement, I never raised kids
But I think I can do that, hi, I'm Emilio and I'm your new dad, too bad that a curb
Put a little in before you got heard, I'm sicker than playing the victim
I bet if I hit him, it’ll get worse, perched in the middle, they said it will be getting berserk
The minute they got her, I'm sending him into the dirt, jerk
I'm ending it and giving in, I’mma finish it, I’ve stolen his soul and identity
When I be walking around in your skin in it, thinking of getting the best of me
Well it be better you reconsider it, my rhyming be getting belligerent
I'm winning it ‘cause baby, I'm…

[Hook 2X]

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