Still Sippin' Freestyle

Still Sippin' Freestyle Lyrics EMeX

[Verse: eMeX]
I said tonight I'm getting throwed
That's right I'm getting throwed
And I'm looking for a bad chick to put this D on
Cause tonight I'm in my zone
I got my friends around me, what's up?
Got a little something up in my cup
You already know just how I get down
These girls tryna kick it and get to' up
Just wait, 'til I get her with her toes up
Get it in then I hit her with a slow-up
Tellin' her friends, I got it sewed up
Now they all tryna get a sub-in for that cold cut
Hold up, let me not get carried away
But we don't give a damn what ne'a nigga say
Tell 'em bullet, barrel, bang, Purple Hearts Gang
Ain't a damn thing changed rep that err day
That's Cam K, A. Todd, KJ
That's Trevon, J. Hall, and Tay
That's Corey, Desean, Andre
That's Jamil, Ish, Benji and Bobe all day
And my white boy Zak, wassup with it?
He said the black girls can't get enough with it
I told him he could have mine when I'm done with it
Okay I'm playing, just having fun with it
And my bro from H-Town, Kelvo
In the club wylin' throwing them elbows
Got 'em mean muggin' and that don't mean nothing roll up on 'em
"Wanna say something?" they be like "hell no!"
Any one of them, assume I'm a rider
You don't want no problems so hakuna matata
Anyway this flow top rhyming
I lost my noodle with all these impostors
So, uh, is this what you want?
Chris Tucker voice no lips to the blunt
Fingers tucked fist up lifting it up now they wonder
Why I'm pissed, was you listening or what?
Gave my first mixtape with a message
Second time around now they want hit records
How 'bout I give a little bit a both
Spit really dope
Mix it with a flow err body checking, anyway
H-Town stay G, one time for Screw, R.I.P Pimp C
Two in the air let 'em see get a cup fulla lean
Promethazine, codeine, double cup, please
Cuffs in my jeans, belt Louie V
J's on my feet, topped with a Hundreds tee
Steez OD it's nothing to me and I'm killing this beat
Move along ain't nothing to see, uh
Everybody, wanna ball, holla at broads, at the mall
Me I'd rather kill a nigga on a song
And that's why I can't fuck with y'all
They've been waiting for a track like this
Probably didn't know that I could rap like this
Get that liq' in my system and act like this then
Kill that shit bring it back like this

You can catch me riding shotty in that midnight Monte Carlo
With my homie Debo, that makes one hell of a combo
If you ain't talking money then we don't proceed that convo
But if you talking business then let's get it
I need that pronto, I swear this shit got me tripping
So I keep tipping that bottle
And my chick a diva she makes one hell of a model
Them speakers got my mind blown
Feeling sleepy hollow
While I'm bumping that Slim K they say "slow down up on that throttle,"
Can't stop though
It's that young kid known for the flow switching
Probably known for that slow sipping
Rock shows, in my mind, I'm gone, tripping
Just sport, I ball, no goal kicking
That young kid known for the flow switching
Probably known for that slow sipping
I go by eMex if you don't listen
This is throwback Thursday, Still Tippin'

eMeX drops a freestyle over "Still Tippin'"

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