The Motto (Remix)

The Motto (Remix) Lyrics Drake feat. Lil Wayne,Tyga

[Verse 3 - Tyga]
T-raw, skinny nigga big balls
Fuck around and get Drag. Ru Paul
You funny little nigga Duval
Out of this world Total Recall
Call a bitch ride the dick like her see saw
Something like a donkey, act a ass nigga hee-haw
Ridin round in the ‘rarri wit the top off
While you in the window, man I’m probably on my next car
Aight, Mighty duck with the ice on
Real L.A. nigga chucks with the gun drawn
Drawing on your face you’re a clown jack in the box
Boy that’s your bop, she my new pum pum star
Stars in the back
Them my homies, they don’t act, acting brand new
Fuck her never call her back
Matt Forte got the bitch running back
Damn, That’s the motto you don’t know it’s like that

[Hook - Drake]

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