Drugs In Da Club

Drugs In Da Club Lyrics Dorrough Music feat. Juicy J

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In the back smokin' drugs
Drugs in the club, drugs in the club
Drugs in the club, and you know we smokin' loud
Drugs in the club, drugs in the club
Drugs in the club, me and all my dogs
Drugs in the club, drugs in the club
Drugs in the club
In the back smokin' drugs
Drugs in the club
Drugs in the club
Drugs in the club
We in this bitch like…

[Verse 1]
I be fuckin' with the club
But if I can’t smoke then I ain’t fuckin' with the club
Somebody better tell 'em they ain’t fuckin' with a scrub
When you see a real nigga, show a real nigga love
See all I do is hustle, got money in my duffle
How the fuck did I get Gucci symbols on my buckle?
They legalize weed and there won’t ever be a scuffle
If everybody smokin' weed, won’t nobody tussle
So me I’m steady smokin', smokin' like I’m smokin'
I don’t give a fuck that’s why I’m smokin' in the open
I got lil' mama scopin', and I think that bitch'll whine
I done poured a line in my 20-year-old wine
Bitches steady on, haters lookin' at me
All this ballin' I be doin', I should win a ST
Lil' mama think I’m sexy, she says she wanna sex me
But she ain’t never met me
Well tell her she can catch me...


[Verse 2]
VIP is where you'll find me at
Higher than the seats on my private jet
Four-door Lambo, I’m buyin' that
I’m mad cause them bitches ain’t designed it yet
I’m smokin' on loud, tell them bitches be quiet
If a nigga keep hatin', he gon' make me start a riot
Could've bought a house but I spent it on a ride
And if I get any higher, I’mma really start flyin'
Tell me what you know about that Taylor Gang shit
We be poppin' champagne just to pour it on a bitch
Leave the club with a girl I ain’t never gon' forget
She slob on my knob, but she don’t spit
Gettin' trippy as I went out with my niggas out in Dallas
Look at Juicy J, he ballin' like the Mavericks
Me and all my niggas and a bunch of automatics
If a nigga run up on me, I’mma let that nigga have it

Drugs In Da Club

Dorrough Music linked up with Juicy J for "Drugs In The Club", the first offering from his “Shut The City Down” mixtape. It also appeared on DJ Smallz’s “This That Southern Smoke Vol 4″ mixtape.

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