Why The Hell Not

Why The Hell Not Lyrics Dom Kennedy

[Verse 1: Dom Kennedy]

Don't come to me with that bullshit I just got up in the spot
You looking way too good bitch I'm thinking why the hell not
We only two drinks in now I'm thinking why the hell stop
This feel like thug mansion I gotta tell pac
I took her out dancing, a night in the lights
I keep coming back to her night after night
My lips on the neck now, bite after bite
I told her it was your turn she was like

Why the hell not (7x)

[Verse 2: Dom Kennedy]

I ain't trying be no ass kisser
I just wanna share this little tree, have a laugh with ya'
You look like one of my last sisters except you dress good, talk less, and yo' ass thicker
I ain't tryin to say nothing bad about yo' last nigga, but I'll do you way way better than that nigga
Sex is a weapon girl and I bet all
I pull legs too and I tear arms
Say she want Dom I am hum, a nigga caked up I am hum
Girls see the money and you know they sprung
That's why are we in the strip club and throw them ones
(Why the hell not)
We probably go broke, we probably gonna cop
All it's polo up in my room shit is looking like a shop
I need a gold watch
Better get naked for a real nigga
I'm talking no socks
What you do tonight might get you locked up for life
But I ain't no cop


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