DJ Skee Freestyle

DJ Skee Freestyle Lyrics Dom Kennedy

We don’t care when the verse start, nigga
Ay, Other People’s Money ho, pay attention

Verse 1: [DOM KENNEDY]
She just be holding me down, I be holding her steady
I’ma player foreal boy I done told you already
Told her fix me some food but don’t cook no spaghetti
I’m not pressed for no pussy shit I’ma bone when I’m ready
Now I’m just that guy talking Aaron and Teddy
Throw some money in the sky and make it look like confetti
I swear these niggas not ready I made her kiss on my belly
I already had the Rollie went and got me the Pressy
Bitches fuck with me heavy niggas fuck with me heavy
And I feel I am the best cuz that’s just what they tell me
I’ma kick it with Kelly, I be creeping with Chrissy
Off that Cristal & Whiskey man she really be tipsy
Then she really get frisky tell a bitch don’t kiss me
Cuz when you with yo man girl you swear you don’t miss me
She be telling me lies, shit I already know
I’m coming out Leimert Park but you already know
I got a 5.0, I’m on my way up the street
I’m finna hop in the booth and make a freestyle for Skee
I ain't hating on you why you hating on me?
You niggas stay up in the club like it’s 2003
Shit I’m 10 years later and 10 years greater
Tell her let’s smoke now and hit 10 beers later
I’m good at her house I put my foot on the table
She ain't have too many channels so I hooked up her cable
And she say I’m a angel tell the bitch I’m danger
I might see you in the mall girl and act like a stranger
They say Nipsey from naybors Jay Rock be banging
But that Other People’s Money is the shit that I’m claiming
For the tops where I’m aiming bitch I’m not in the cadence
If I ever get a Porsche it will not be a Cayenne
On the blocks where I’m staying I just cock and I spray em
Cuz all these bitches on my fucking jock when I came in


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