Cassette Deck

Cassette Deck Lyrics DJ Scream feat. Bun B,Rick Ross,Slim Thug

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
Pimp C in my cassette deck
Pimp C in my cassette deck
I'm just wait to trill
I live way to trill
Born a hustler like I'm Jack Butler
And you know I keep a top cupper
Tryin to pop me a pill
I'm just way too trill
I'm ridin dirty in my benzo
I'm pimpin women I got ten hoes
Pump in a bucket full of stones
And you know I'm smoking strong
And you know my partners put me on
I call it Bambi on the phone
Cause my nigga so dope
And all my nigga sold dope

I ain''s something real
Someone feel the..
Pimp C in my cassette deck
I ain't..that's something real
Pimp C in my cassette deck
Someone feel..

[Verse 2: Bun B]
Pimp C in my cassette deck bangin out of my head set
Talkin about some pussy that he left with it
And killed it like a death threat
This is the life that we jet set
But jezzy yell about that you jasmine
Bust it open and leave your death with
This is the life of a king
Money and power and treat it that plane
Bitches that baby ain't kiss on your ring, ain't kiss on your ring
I'm monster the benz, we got cause that cuff like a house
House that cuff like a suck division
Bitch I see and I love the position
So know when you..this mission
I'm trillin the most feelin the now
Haters watchin but still I'm a ball
Put your name up with rip on the wall
From gladiators that I kill if I call
We are working the walls
The money is under the floor
And it guns and in every room
The light you ain't suffer you come to the dough
Better know PA as a town
Written for life and I'm holding it down
Even fuck you like I was sound
..other textes they fucking around
So I'm coping my top leading my fifth poppin my trunk
Chucking the duce while I'm sipping my juice
Well I'm turning it up bitch I'm getting the crol


[Verse 3: Slim Thug]
Pimp C in my cassette deck..the pain trippin with
Hundred thow on my neck pay cash no check
Rick microphones like them sweet janes jones
See I can't believe that my nigga is gone
Chrone spoke spoken out the side of the katy
Keep us that to sixty yellow ridin with daddy
But is for the money never for the hundred
I'm a trill nigga she can't get shit from me
I make them hoes pay me pimpin bumpin this Mercedes
Ever since I was a baby had them ladies going crazy
Ain't got a pimp cup but I got a sip cup
Double up money full of that purple stuff
That big mow, that pimp C, that DJ screw trill nigga feel me
And I'mma stay trill till the nigga kill me
Even after that I still be forever known trill

Cassette Deck

MMG's latest big tune is by newly signed DJ Scream and features some smooth bars from Rozay, with Slim Thug and Bun B on the track as well.

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