Luv of My Life

Luv of My Life Lyrics DJ Quik

Album: The Book of David

[Hook: DJ Quik]
I'm Looking for the love of my life
Lil drank, lil stank, that's the love of my life
Not looking for a hussy trying to be my wife
Say I'm looking for the cash, that's the love of my life
I'm looking for the love, the love of my life
Lil drank, lil stank that's the love of my life
Not looking for a broad trying to be my wife
Say I'm looking for a whip, that's the love of my life

[Verse 1: DJ Quik]
Now with a driver I can drink like I'm off the bottle
Martini glass filling, that's off the top
Don't like the talk shop, I'd rather shop and talk
I treat the tags like I treat them clubs, pop em off
A lot of players got the game distorted
If you have to ask how much it cost you can't afford it
Plain and simple cut and dry, right to the chase
Cause sometimes you gotta put them ig-ums in they place
Everybody can't make it to the pros
Some rise to the top, others down low
Some ride in the drops, others just drove
That's the way the water flows, if it ain't froze
Look at the brain on the man quick as the dame
Get the game from my mind to the pin through my hand
And to the streets from the speakers to the mike
That's why I'm so materialistic
I'm tryna buy the love right


[Verse 2: DJ Quik]
Panamera Porsche, Maserati copy painting
Diamonds from Chris Aire, too awesome ain't it
Middle finger in the air for the disses
And Tiffany jewelry for the misses
Orange bottle champagne tilt green blue
Clicko and Dom Perignon, weed too
Turn the music up so loud it bleed through
The bang out that's exactly what he do
He get his style from the city of Compton
Fuck the doorbell, he get to knocking on something
Whip out on these haters get the blocking on something
Take my girl home and get to locking on something or something
Yeah, that's my ghetto mentality
I made it reality and it made me a salary
So I know just why you haters are mad at me
My life is a strategy, while your life is a tragedy
So I'm looking


[Verse 3: Gift Reynolds]
I'm looking for the new love of my life
Benz CL63 all tan and with the insides
Color of beach sand, it's such a beautiful sight Just like Amber Rose
The way she sits at the light hit a pose
I let her pause for the cause, camera shows
50k watch just so they go
Jury go bananas so they go apes
I'm making love to the money like a sex tape
I travel onward, on to the next state
Making that big cake but no wedding date
I'm so hood rich, and love to cash out
And tear malls down, yeah, spas out
And throw it in the bags and bring bags out
Full throttle whips, yeah smash out
Newest space for my house got another house
I gotta make money


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