I'm Still

I'm Still Lyrics DJ Khaled feat. Chris Brown, Wale, Wiz Khalifa & Ace Hood

Album: Suffering From Success

[Intro: DJ Khaled]
Money long, the night is young
The world is ours

[Hook: Chris Brown]
I know a lot of niggas in here prolly hate me right now
I'll drink to that, I'll drink to that
That ain't gon' change a thing
Still gon' do my thing
I'm still ya ya
Still gon' go and get mine
Still gon' keep on winnin'
Still gon' keep it one hunnid every time
I'm still eating when them niggas throw shots
I'm still, I'm still gon' end up on top
I'm still (pussy ass niggas stop hating)

[Verse 1: Wale]
Niggas be women like hoes be women
Look at me close, there is no sympathy
Those will envy be throwin subliminal quotes I'd rather them war with me
If only I hate them, like Tony Montana except no Monola
She love me for al ...
These dudes these snakes these women is vultures
Who am I to trust? who gon' ride for me?
Who's gon' light somebody up when I be like yup, they squeeze, comfortably
And that new custom piece my shirt cost a couple of G's
I talk to a bunch of G's but just like a frozen tundra speaks
And the Lambo feel what a real nigga doin 110 skrr in it
And the world so ill when the boy get funny over money or a girl
Let it marinate, let me correlate, let them niggas hate
We never ever let a women tell a nigga wait


[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
Most of these niggas ain't .. most of these niggas ain't poppin'
Most of these niggas ain't ballin, most of these niggas they starvin'
Talking about cars and, what the fuck?
They don't even got em
So high don't see no problems
Bitch I'm on them trees like Tarzan
Aw man, I want all my cheese like Robin
Shrimp or calamari I'm a young nigga with options
And you close but you ain't close enough
In the VIP call me the poster child from postin' up
Top floor suite we going up
D.A.F. I'm dope as fuck
Woo, hundred bottles comin' that mean a hundred bottles gettin' opened up
Rolex face all frozen expect ya'll to hate you ain't supposed to love it
She backing up, like a Tonka truck


[Verse 3: DJ Khaled]
Fuck boy, I kept it real, came up
Wake up, feeling blessed, pockets full, no stress
At the top, We The Best
Cutting checks, eating good
Loving life, like this all night
I'm still gon' shine bright in that limelight

[Verse 4: Ace Hood]
Ok now it's no more Mr. nice guy
If you niggas couldn't see me in the day time
Girl you got a better chance getting a day job
Your career wouldn't blow away the napalm
Silly motherfucka, I'm the type to win the game on the buzzer
I'm the type to make a whole lot of money
Buy a whole new crib cause I'm bored as a motherfucka
And it's still fuck hater
Still gon' ball like Kobe from the Lakers
Still we the best, and it's still hood nation
And I'm still gonna smoke even if I'm on papers


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