Highway To Hell

Highway To Hell Lyrics DJ Kay Slay feat. Jay Rock,Kendrick Lamar,Schoolboy Q

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]
Reporting live from where reporters die
Newscasters coming too early witnessing homocides
Pearly gates forming in the sky as we wait for your suit and tie
I tailor-made it for you then told Khalifa he loves you
I'm really stuck on this bumpy ride
Highway to hell 'less I flip through a demon's TV-guide
An angel said he've seen me fry
Ducking bullets
I promise I couldn't stop the work my niggas have put in
Your brains is banana pudding
I'm looking for trouble, looking for hustle
I'm a grinder, choppas in the path finder
I ain't no killa, I ain't no drug dealer
I'm a real nigga with real emotions that stand behind a
Brick wall, you knock it down then I'm forced to align ya
With the stars of Venus and Jupiter
You ain't ain't gangsta, you fooling us
The government don't know what to do with us
Internal affairs investigate while LAPD speculate
Crooked cops on my bumper dumping 'til I'm first 48
I can smell a snake a mile away because they reak hate
But any anaconda can die on a weekday
Wikipedia speeding up my career like I've been here
And I don't fuck with these fuck rappers cause they been weird
Been on my dick, get addicted to dying quick
Grab a dictionary, my styles vary, my words flip
Grab a cemetery and jump in it you jive turkey
Watching me through goggles, I throw hollows at James Worthy
Spin your head like an owl, I'm wild, I drive Fergies
That's that white thing, let my nuts & Mic hang
No one ever knows the drama that I might bring
Chilling with the drama king, but this ain't Broadway, mane
Armed forces, more fortune, alarm Porsches
Bitch gorgeous, bomb head like Civil War and
Y'all snorin', we tourin' and bottle pourin'
Model scorin', cheat the game with fair warnings

[Verse 2: Schoolboy Q]
Living filthy to get it, fuck writing lyrics
High status in traffic
Bad energy, getting static
Day and night like Gladys, Kid Cudi
Man on the moon, feeling managed like (Drama king) fuck a planet
Go'n with it, ashing ashes on critics
Twenty racks then we split it up, feeling like a million bucks
Bust hoes, run into sluts, keep it G, that shit a must
Creeping in that Honda Civ', ain't mine, it ain't his
Written down, spare the kids, back to the crib ya handle biz
Lunchables and sandwiches, dude dog be mad as shit
Visualize the shit I kick, never heard of witnesses
Better make sure I'm innocent, 18 shots at 3 niggas
6 a piece, hell of a life, done for the night, throw up they Nikes
? precise, for the cheese they call us mice, no rats
Everywhere is a trap, talking 'bout that white girl
Feeling good to be black, ya whole hood I seize that
Breaking down the (?), fuck all that feedback
Gone by the morning, I landed soon as you yawning
Feeling like I'm Conan, here to fuck up your whole program
Who can fuck with us, no man, (?) slow dance
Kick a funky toe jam, gold rapper, that's trojan
Slinging rock erosion, and yo bitch be open
Easily I be chosen, comparing me I'm like who them
Back to back tracks, running laps
With dictionary words on top of verbs to prove that they wack
Pressing weight to the max
Hurt your man like swinging ax, release it let 'em chat
Man amongst boys but these toys aren't his racks
Itunes that shittin stacks, shitting stacks while writing raps, rap!
Looking humble, let them react
Too many bars, not tit for tat, super hits like having bats
Swinging for the fences, in the trenches making a difference
Driven like a engine, directing me through my fucking mission

[Verse 3: Jay Rock]
West coast, east side, my stomping ground, come around
Get your ass flatlined from niggas of that cracklines
Welcome to this wildlife, steady living a wild life
Trying to beat all competitors and predators, they proud knights
Nightfall; lay low. Sunrise; so live
Better watch your front-end, your back better have four eyes
So high: satellite, smoking on that bomb, nigga
Dynamite, you acting like a pussy, you no friend of mines
Better yet, fuck friends, surrounded by my real niggas
They cock back, they see caps, they peal quicker, real killers
Real business, it's never personal, Jack, remember that
Fuck up my money then I'mma fuck over your universe
I'm shooting first, never last, gotta stay sharp like shattered glass
In a fast lane with a bad dame, man, this bitch from Trinidad
Fuck her hard, then send her home, it's time to start my routine
In the streets, with the heat, you don't rhyme, you don't eat
Pockets fat like obese, it's hard to be so lowkey
Niggas acting like they know me, fuck around and be the police
Trust no nigga nor a bitch
Nigga, I'm so OG like 8 tracks and tape decks
25, but I'm straight fed
Got a old soul, I'm so throwed, so raw with this rap thing
Kay Slay, go tell 'em dawg, niggas know I'm crack, mane
Kill 'em with my flow, everytime it's a deathblow
You fuck rappers stay on your toe, we sharks in the water
Get that ass ate up, straight up, the worlds ours
Top Dawg ENT, HiiiPower
We buy flowers then we send 'em to your studio
Cause everytime we in that bitch, homie, it's a funeral
I have to slow it down so you can hear me close
Yeah, I'm nice with the bars
Late night sliding pipe in your broad
Her pussy tighter than them skinnies on the jerk dancers
Send her back with no panties
Jay motherfucking Rock

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