Boomerang Lyrics DJ Felli Fel feat. Akon,J.D. (Jermain Dupri),Pitbull

3, 2, 1

[Hook 1: Akon]
Now put your hands in the air, shake your body down slow
Go on and bring it, bring it back like you never did it before
Keep your hands in the air while you drop it down low
Let me see you work it out like a stripper on a pole

[Intro: DJ Felli Fel]
If you came to party tonight I need y'all to get y'all drinks in the air
Get your Cîroc bottles in the air
And if you see a sexy lady right now;
Put your-put your hands up!

[Hook 2: Akon]
Your body lookin' amazing when you're dancing like that
Girl, get up on the stage and go ahead and do your thang
Sexy beautiful lady, won't you bring it right back?
Go head and pull a 180, you're my boomerang

[Verse 1: Pitbull]
Mommy got a boom bang, bing bang, ding dang
No digga dee, no doubt, I’mma hit that
That thing so fat, looks like she got a
Oompa loompa in her pants, now give me that
I don’t beat around the bush like King K
But I discipline ya, call me sensei
I don’t care what them say
Cause that little chick on Mr. Worldwide – Pen pay
From M.I.A. to L.A. to P.A., leavin' bread like CJ
CJ meeting Pam in the scene on Baywatch
I stay high, what she talk about?
I don't pimp in the parking lot
I got your girl in the bathroom acking a monkey
While I play with her bam boom
Then I throw her back like a boomerang, you buffoon

[Hook 2]

[Verse 2: Jermaine Dupri]
Felli! I see ya
You know I had to get on this!
Let's go!

That uh-, Rose I pour it, shawty
I'm where she throw it
It's a sight to see her shake her ass (Drop it low)
Fresh to death, I'm polo and we are
In the middle of the floor

Don't dance no more

AGM, you know it-know it

And all these shawties

I'm like, "Nigga, you trippin'"
You better act like you know
You better grab you somethin', take your ass to the floor
Cause it's clear, I'm here and I ain't leaving up this bitch 'till it's time to go

[Hook 1]

[Hook 2]

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