Whalé ft. Ab-Soul & RetcH

Whalé ft. Ab-Soul & RetcH Lyrics Da$h

[Verse 1: Ab-Soul]
...sinister literature
Read my riddles it'll get rid of ya quicker than R italin
Red bones leave me with a ridden dick, how real is this?
Think of cinnamonin, cinema - sweet
'Til the servant serves you the vinegar, it's deep
Simple as finding algorithms in statistics
Walking with your children in the red light district
Look at me - dancing with Alori's ghost
Hope I don't got two left feet, you know I love you mama!
Keep my ear to the street, concrete jungle
At the top dog eat dog homie, stay humble
If it'll be it'll be, damn straight
My plan A was to beat up a beat
Put words together like Scrabble, dazzle a audience
At first it sounded like babble, but now it all makes sense
I brought it 'round full circle for y'all squares
Bad to the bone, you goody two-shoes couldn't compare, yeah
If fair is fair I'm the air
Not next to the king, but what you breathe
You may not see, but believe me I'm there
This inspiration, I been here before
I'm on my 777th incarnation, Soul


[Verse 2: Da$h]
Wake up and read about my capers in the Sunday papers
Young Vincent Vega
Got a date with Uma Thurman later
Prescription drugs run through the arteries
Tell myself, this what a god should be
The engine run, don't need no starter key
Pray to lord the devil pardon me
Immortal, partially
I tell Benson to pull up through the portal
Just so he could fuckin' toss the piece
No traces, no faces, beat the court cases
Cowboy like I'm Troy Aikman
Walk in the bank, yolk up the teller, tell him crack the safe
Grab the case, then ash the blunt in the bastard's face
Then evaporate
Don't got no time to waste, more than I make it seem, though
Gettin' paid for spittin' mean quotes
Backflip off a motherfuckin' speed boat
Land on a dolphin
Laser on his head just in case I see a shark fin
I do it often, lay in your coffin
Niggas better off, my bitches draped in terrycloth
I'm a idol for every boss - you been a fraud
I play the track and bet a rack on the horses
With an Iraqi bitch, her features is gorgeous
I did all this... nigga
Smell the scent when I walk in the room nigga
'Cause if you ain't know, it's money nigga
Every dollar, every day gettin' fast money
Act like you ma'fuckin' know


[Verse 3: Retch]
Like, fuck you
I write the raps on a roof in January, I'm by the pool
Just left New York, I'm on the road for the chips
See, these Jordan 6's been everywhere
Could bet he there if the 'fetti near
Posted at the function with the Henny stare
3 quarter length on the jacket smooth as a finger roll
I ship the blow out in Cicero
I smoke the freezer, count the piccolo
Pinky ring right under the mistletoe, like "kiss it, ho"
Bend her over and send her home
I mix the oxtail sauce right on the rooftop
Cookin' apron and tube socks, came a long way from blue tops
Shit a couple more shows I'm fit for a new drop
But they wantin' what you got, ride around with that ooh-wop
For the niggas that think I'm slippin'
Like the cats that murdered Harold
Ran and blammed him asked him if he needed help, heartless
For a piece of wealth like it couldn't be peace and wealth
The piece is felt right beneath the belt, stealth
Left the courthouse, sold the rocks in my dress socks
9-5 and the beat, more burning blunts at the rest stop
Met the connect by the dock he sported the dreadlocks
Jordans was dead stock
I never once shook his hand, it's nothin' but head nods
Yeah we keep it classy
The whip is clean, but the seats is ashy, snazzy
Make your bitch boof a quarter, hit the border
Take a shit just to serve the order, it's Porter

Whalé ft. Ab-Soul & RetcH

A standout track from Da$h's 2013 mixtape "V.I.C.E.S," featuring Ab-Soul and RetcH and produced by RandomBlackDude.

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