Savagely Attack

Savagely Attack Lyrics Czarface feat. Ghostface Killah

Album: Czarface

Savagely attack...
Savagely attack...
Savagely attack...

[Verse 1: Inspectah Deck]
I'm sickly, flow quarantined by the CDC
Heads nod, pressure on your neck like a DDT
Beat Street Ramo, spittin' on your name
Rhymes travel underground like it's written on a train
My position in the game, top dog, rock hard
Fuck with everybody in your hood, just not y'all
Basic, live broadcast from the ER
We are talk of the town without the PR
Savagely attack this, rap master craftsman
Pack 'em in, twisted on the floor like a backspin
After him, y'all will have to deal with the son of Deck
One of the best that hasn't done it yet
Killer Bee, choppin' up the track like a dealer be
Professor X couldn't test my ability
I cave the motherfuckin' roof like heavy snow
Act like I told ya before, y'all ready know


[Verse 2: Esoteric]
E-S reps, I wrote this in a GS Lex 95
To get that nineties vibe
My melody, high and low fidelity darts
My whole team 7:30 like when Jeopardy starts
I can't call it, unless we call my style diabolic
I'm a write-a-holic - I drink ink til I vomit
I think 'til I'm catatonic, in sync with a bag of chronic
I'm bringing the mad demonic style all these rappers wanted
I'm the czar of the bizzare bars, cut you like a scimitar
Wichita state, X-Man'll execute you, you a dead man
God willin', I'm a nod villain
Gettin' top billin', with my squad chillin'
Blood on the tracks like Bob Dylan, die like a mob killin'
We already know the ropes, we be steppin' over ropes
Andre the Giant lookin' down at you local folks
Okey-doke, motorized vocals, yeah I practice
Raised on a tape the same color as Galactus


[Verse 3: Ghostface Killah]
Look out, attack like a nigga on bath salts
Eat his face off, leave his body on asphalt
Rampant, run through your town on attack mode
Savagely leave em broomstick'd in the asshole
Cobra clutch, the ickiest stick to the dutch skin
Throw a mask on, and go in, go in
I'm a terror - tuck a GEM/STAR, the New Era
Walk around with two bats like I'm Yogi Berra
All love from Sin City, rock a robe as a trench
My two heifers 'bout to have you duckin' under the bench
The stench of dead bodies, thoughts of a mutilation
Bring you closer to God in a tight situation
Or thrown in the back of the truck, a sanitation
I'm ruthless, my technique is Chinese torture
No IVs hanging out of your vein to support ya
Everybody's talkin' 'bout how the ghost caught ya
Have a 5-year-old kill your ass for a quarter

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