James Harden

James Harden Lyrics CyHi Da Prince

ESPN Interview:
James Harden joins us now here on Sportscenter
James, Congratulations on the Sixth Man award
What are your thoughts on becoming a starter one of these days?

Cyhi The Prynce:
Yeah I'm James Harden
Yeah, ok
I say I'm G-O-O-D
Athlete's foot, I ain't never had cold feet
I fucked 76 chicks this year, nigga
And I'm still tryna get some more cheeks
Never catch me slipping like old cleats
Niggas couldn't see me if they had a front row seat
At the Garden, gotta have a carbon
Ving Rhames say it's bout the guns and the margarine
I'm on the team, but they say I ain't starting
But I'm still balling, shoutout to James Harden
I do this on the daily, no I ain't Carson
When I freestyle, they be like he ain't charging
Nope, it's just a rhyme that I wrote
All my hoes at the polls, but they ain't tryna vote
I flow with the the flu like I ain't got a coat
Niggas beefing the prince, like the king got a scope
But I'm God's gift to young killers who buy zips
I gotta stupid ass vert like Josh Smith
People call me Crown Vic cause I cop whips
I don't think y'all get it, cop whips
Cause in Atlanta, a Crown Vic is a cop's whip
I got a check and blew it all like a Watts Crip
I'm a locksmith, cause I opened up doors, without using keys
But best believe I got piff
Rappers steal my metaphors, then act like they didn't shoplift
Rottweiler T-shirts, I'm done wearing Rocksmith
I'm dropping off this freak first, if she ain't fucking...
It's hard for me to kick it with a bitch if she do not strip
I'm bout to take a Prague trip, to escape hardship
I remember buying apple bags out of Starship
Hoping one day I'll be living where the stars live
Depending on how the cars flip
I'm dreaming but I'm still awake
They sleeping on me like a pillow case
Stranded on the road to success with no Triple A
I illustrate how them killers ate
I call em Pete Maverich cause they was all about that pistol play
More like And one with a handgun
And put it to ya ear like a Samsung
For niggas gettin out a pocket like when Cam run
Then we dip from the set, shoutout to Camron
Don't stop the tape, let the cam run
I run with shooters with guns long as Durant's arms
Any nigga in front of my goal is getting slammed on, 93 Shawm Kemp NBA Jammed on
Won't stop till my fans gone, if I was playing for the Lakers I wouldn't mind being Antawn
Still get pussy, like tampons
Got your bitch raving bout me when I touchdown, I'm Anquan
Know a couple chicks that'll fuck me and Sean
I'm good in any city that I land on
Blowing kush in the van, that shit look like a sandstorm
And if you wanna split that'll cost a couple grand, gone

I'm James Harden
James Harden
I might not be the richest
But nigga I ain't starving
Shoutout to James Harden
I'm James Harden X2
I might not be the richest
But nigga I ain't starving
Shoutout to James Harden
James Harden

CyHi The Prynce compares his position on G.O.O.D. Music's roster to James Harden's on the OKC Thunder in the NBA, as the 6th man. He flows nice over this chilled out beat. Is rappers shouting out James Harden the new Manu Ginobili shout out?

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