Good For Me

Good For Me Lyrics CyHi Da Prince


[Verse 1: CyHi Da Prince]
CyHi Da Prince
Known as your majesty
Endured a lot of agony
From busting gats and bagging weed
I told the streets I had to leave
Hope you not mad at me
But my ?
Got a nigga living lavishly
PLus these other niggas may ? these ? tragedy
Dodging police like a athlete was tryna tackle me
Losed a lot of weight, from the moves that I done made
So every time you roll a blunt, you really burning calories
? full of batteries
Chowder never flattered me
I'm so out of this galaxy, my mind is like a gallery
Master of analogies, with such a personality
My daddy was a king, my sister name was Natalie
Naturally, I would be a prince
No, actually
Ruler of the kingdom, the world's my principality
They say that I'm the best, they try to DJ Khaled me
The only man that was better died on the cavalry
Huh, can never judge a man by his salary
I show love to everybody in my faculty
Never been a killer, only one without a casualty
Cause God keep blessing me, I feel like I got allergies
In heels nigga, I used to go with Valerie
Benihana shawty, fast food is Applebees
With a western chapel freak running through my castle
Chatting on the apple, while I'm somewhere out in Calgary
On the balcony
Aren't you proud of me?

[Hook: CyHi Da Prince]
I'm sorry I couldn't bring my hood with me
I had to do what was good for me
Girl, I had to leave you alone we just couldn't be
I had to do what was good for me
For them lame niggas who stole my work and took from me
And I don't really care how all those haters look at me
I knew chilling in the trap is where I shouldn't be
I had to do what was good for me

[Verse 2: CyHi Da Prince]
Huh, I came a long way from Georgia Baptist
Who knew that I would be able to tour the atlas?
Rosary full of diamonds, would've swore I was a Catholic
It's my turn, I'm slowly coming up like chapstick
Huh, but I'm still as humble as a dove
Irish spring fresh when I stumble out the tub
Make your girl turn over like a fumble when I fuck
All change, she let me put my funnel in her truck
Hating niggas wanna royal rumble in the club
That's why I'm somewhere in the condo smoking bud
Weak niggas are only strong enough to hold a grudge
God and your Honor are the only ones that's supposed to judge
People praise you, then they hate you, that's that roller coaster love
Player from the hall of fame, I'm just here to coach the thugs
Told a snub, know whassup, when I'm rolling on those dubs
And my base hit like Soriano from the Cubs
But before you interrupt
I would like to end this cut
With a message to my hood, look at where I ended up
Every nigga in the mountain, man I did this shit for us
And all the ghettos across the nation, so let me hear this ? you up
Like what


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