Twistin' Stank

Twistin' Stank Lyrics Curren$y

Eah, eah
Eah, eah, eah
Lames catch feelings, we catch flights
Jet life, Jet life
(So high, my neighbors thought I moved out, because your boy stay gone)
Eah, eah

[Verse 1]
Uhh, I got a girlfriend and a mistress
7 Chevy's in my driveway I'm so hood rich
Before I leave the town this what I told my bitch
I bought that Benz for you so you don't touch my old school shit
I hustle hard they know what my focus is
Spitta be so highed up his ex-girlfriends can't get over him
Call me all the time like, "We should go somewhere and chill"
Baby you should get somewhere, way the fuck away from here
This is Jet life, this how you want to live
Got one bottle in your section, all your homies scared to sip
Our cups is over running, we got buckets of it bitch
Pinky rings and thumbs, your girl is dying to run
I got some room for her
Brake lights on my coupe for her
Scooped her, screwed her
Threw her back to you once there's no use for her

I go hard in the motherfuckin' paint, twistin' stank, what the fuck you think?
All day, everyday, it ain't a fucking game
Them suckers' arms don't reach high enough to touch the planes
See Roddy that's my motherfuckin' nigga
We stuff them joints with killa till they look like broken fingers
Ridin' 'round throwing Jets up at them bitches
They blowing back kisses cause we winnin'

[Verse 2]
Self-made, you just affiliated
I chuckle at your lil' money, fuckin funny papers
Space case, volcano digi vapors
Looking down at my watch, it's like I'm flying over vegas
She working them tables
No waiter, painted toes topless for them dollars get to the crib and count up on the floor
Jets down south hustling, word to the colonel
Independent slanging records bitch that's where I learned it
Red light car show corner turner
11 second quarter mile no Nos burner
Suckers lost in the sauce as the world turning
Fools can't do nothing, got that Jet life insurance


[Verse 3]
Might not make this interview, phones off, door shut
Sleeping off that o I smoked
Wake me when more weed rolled up
Do I got that good? Sho' 'Nuff
Your girl wanna kiss my chucks
Ho let me and Mikey Rocks pound out, now she looking for Chuck
Whole life pedal mashed
Praying God won't let me crash
Know I'm slippin' askin' for forgiveness steady sinnin' damn
All I am is just one man trying smoke as best I can
Keep a bitch that's ill at making bongs out empty soda cans
Rollin' man, over them
I'm so cold I'm polar bearin'
All on these tracks
I love the fact they hatin' that
Laker sacks, Boston packs, code words for my doja
Told you once before the dialog the pilot most don't know of, uh


[Verse 4]
Slept on like a beach towel
Haters looking at 'em now, paper stackin' ain't, no braggin', I could buy us each a vowel
66 Impalas leaning like Italy Pisa tower
Beat the beat the death, send the producers some condolance flowers
Time in increments of money, not in seconds or hours
No matter what you losers do, it's gone come second to ours
Grayskull power, put the smash on them cowards
Skeletors, scary whores ain't ready for my metaphors
Think my flow need Betty Ford
Slurred words, twisted verbs
Influenced by magic herbs
Gee how I attach those words?
See me gliding so drexler
Finger roll perfect for sure
Check the score, we on the board
Chairman shit, I own the board


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