Success Is My Cologne

Success Is My Cologne Lyrics Curren$y

Album: Covert Coup

Yeah.... Jet Life, Jet Life
You should be rolling up by now
Locate your lighters

Knowing I'mma look cool in them Black and white pictures
When they talk about underground rappers gettin high and making history
I'm sick and tired of these niggas claiming that they as sick as me
They lying, I checked your chart, your file saying you soft
Something fishy ho nigga, you more bass then boss
Off the boat small fries and stowaways get tossed
Can't party on the shore with us fool
Get your floaties up, kiddy pool nigga's ain't really that cool
Can't follow these moves, you need more expensive shoes
Working out smoking strong on a week long cruise
Bonfire with theses bitches singing songs to the moon
Too high to judge
Call my ex bitch who did that foul shit, fuck her brains out and settle the grudge
Back shot revenge style, ain't no love
Light grub, roll up after a quick scrub
Cover my tracks, don't let my bitch know where I was
Sticking to the script though I'm improvising a bit
Same as my OG's but I put the Jets in the mix
Classic like Eddie Murphy's SNL skits
Dead stock tissue in the box elephant print
On my flint 13's no retro 3M reflective
Ya bitch type reckless in my DM's, sexting, trying to see em'
Smoke a J where he being but I got no time for company
I'm buildin one of them honey
I know that's why you want me
Success is my cologne, I spray that bottle all on me

Yea... yea jet life...

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