She Don't Want a Man

She Don't Want a Man Lyrics Curren$y

Album: Weekend at Burnie's

[Verse 1]
Yeah, she was a little red Corvette
Fast as hell, turned heads on the set
Pretty skin, soft voice, asking for rough sex
Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets
This particular evening she wanted to ride Jets
Even though I know shorty was bad news, I played it cool
Vowing to never turn sucker like them other dudes
Misreading signals, attachment issues
Getting way too into the grip of the vagina lips
Got homies searching for relationships
She not tryna hear my type of bitch
She ran a story to me over grape juice and Ciroc sips
Married to a doctor, cuddle master, don't fuck her
Just buy her, anything, tryna satisfy her on the low
She fucking his partners, fill the void inside her
Cause she weren't fucking with a rider

She don't want a man, she just wanna fuck
He tell balance the check book, I tell her roll the weed up
She don't want a man, she just wanna fuck
He tell her to drop his kids over, I tell her pick my homies up
She don't want a man, she just wanna fuck

[Verse 2]
From talking it out to the parking lot
From the parking lot to my safe house
Tommy Vercetti, Spitta Andretti
This is New Jet City, most bitches ain't ready
But shorty ain't tripping, she was living already
My fuck game impressive, so she come back steady
The shit, while heavy I can carry it
Can't get too far, I mean this is a married bitch
She roll doobies as I paddle shift
We fuck, watch movies, end up getting too groovy
And then we smash again, she talking about him
How she feel bad by feeling so good, by giving me the ass
'bout how if she could, she a tell a nigga everything
To get it off her chest but she don't want see him mad
Collecting her underwear from the rooms of my pad
She got dressed and left in a flash, but she saying she be back


[Verse 3]
Couple days roll by, shorty calling asking if I have time
To put a couple in the air, I was like yeah
We could fly more then a pair, there's plenty over here
She fell through like always
We broke it down in the hallway, she bossed her way back
She don't crawl her way, her body designed Frank Cartier
Say something talking heavy on her heart today
Telling her the situation is wrong and she should walk away
Cause her feelings was coming into play
Affecting her home life in all kinda ways, her man asking her what's wrong
She don't know what to say but she do got a union to save
But she in love with the lust that we've made
She had far too much she could say that fucking me was a perfect mistake


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