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Plot Music Lyrics Curren$y


[Verse 1: Curren$y]
Uh, As I proceed to hit the motherfuckin
Smoke a zone all alone don't tell me nothing
Let em roam loan wolf lost freinds to gun shots
And at my other homies judges thrown books
Now it visitation, pictures of my new places
Snapshots of the drops until yall get back to the paper
Just make it out baby we gon have the jets waiting
Champagne on the planes or Vodka wit the lemon twist
Flyin over hoes literally higher than a bitch
Grown buy my own clothes ain't no stylist hand me this
Them niggas know where the got it from
Disrespectful motherfuckes would be dead if they was in the mafia
And the circle grows stronger, No more leeches on us
Creepin on the come up, Rim cutlass cuttin corners
Pimpin Ima business owner, Bitches know we on the rise so they run up like wassup

(surrounded by) All my cars, all my weed, all my bitches
All my cars, all my weed, all my niggas

(surrounded by)
All my cars, all my weed, all my niggas
All my cars, all my weed, all my bitches

[Verse 2: Curren$y]
Teaching yah hoes how to roll that weed
Coppin sport cars at a break kneck speed
Do yah self in tryna do it like the G's
Professinal, you ball for the bitties
Peace I'll see you niggas later
See you with barnoculars Im balcony to far a way bruh
Vacation Jamaica, not sure how long I stay for
Live fast this whole week feeling like one day ma
Dont know wat to say bout me Tm not a break out
Artist I been grinding since you was on a playground
Stayed down, started on a greyhound
Know Im on my own tour bus, Bitch look at us, Hey now
Bitches came round took off gowns, Broke real niggas off
Rolled up a ounce then bounced, Type of girls I like
Do they dirt than skirt, Ain't no cuddlin or nuffin
Just fuck and get back to work
A boss in a Lacoste shirt or Ralph Lauren
Steerin a McLaren on a Autobahn Berzerk
Life is a bitch take her for all she worth
Bring her back to the table we gon all get a plate fool
Watchu say fool?


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