Moon & Stars Remix

Moon & Stars Remix Lyrics Curren$y

Mixtape: Return To The Winners Circle

So I ride, I lean, I crawl do it better than them all
Let the road be my guide as I glide in candy cars
Underneath the moon and the stars

[Big KRIT]
Yo, my digital dash as I mash on the gas
Don't know where I'm goin' fast but I'm goin' there
Stop at a club foreva sho there's some hoes in there
Shakin' they ass lookin' for playas with dough to share
But that ain't me though
Before I trick on ya pussy baby
I'm outta the door
If you lookin' for savers shawty
I'm not your hero
More like the guy that can take you where wanted to look in my eye
Like you supposed to, polar north I froze you
Talkin' bout' that pimpin' you already been exposed to
Far from being sober let's travel into space wide
Puffin on this yoda blowin like a light saber
Doin what the grown ups do
Be grateful that this game was bestowed up onto you
Those backstab men betray us if I don't listen to
Cuz they front but they don't do what I do cuz they will never ever, be pimps


[Killa Kyleon]
Runnin' back on that butterscotch
Got my paint lookin' peppermint
Pull a pace in a poker puffin' that purple that's evident
Smell the sin I can see the moon and the stars in my evidence
Louie V don't see haters no focus cuz they irrelevant
Comin' through like the president
Wave at my barbers and drivers
I let my trunk do the jump
And they flag us down and they stop us
Papa flock us like tv shows they watch as you see these hoes
Mesmerized like khalifa
Pulled up in a slab do you see these fours
This ain't no Taaka, this purple drink
Do you see me pour
And my cook got them double stacks like that x
Do you see me roll
Paint wet like it's aroused
So high I can kiss the clouds
I roll up in sour flowers and smoke till I'm lookin Yao
I'm stuck on this country shit
I'm southern just like the college
Neck bones cornbread candy yams and my greens collard
Crawlin just like a talla pradas pushin them pedals down
Jackas keep me in magneto mode I keep that medal round'


I be obliged if you stepped outside
Smokin' that bum ass shit bitch
You get no play in this ride
Butta' soft high
They built many vettes' after mine but I think they did it best in 89'
Idlin' at the red light mindin' my business
Holdin' my weed low with a slight crack in my mirrors
Playin' all three of my mirrors
I ain't nervous
But I'm certain that them devils tryin' to get me
Cause I'm swervin' banging curbs
And they can't stand to see me with it
But it don't stop just provoke me
More to drop my top
Now be planetarium status
Flickin' ashes in the big dippa'
You ain't as high as me mista
Eye screwin' your sista' from a fifty foot distance
Now she missin' caught up in a twista', Tropicana
Pour me up a glass of tang
Roll up some of that NASA, mane


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