The Other Side Freestyle

The Other Side Freestyle Lyrics Crooked I

Yeah, I was born in a godforbidden ditch
Piss Poor, Had a cool jumpshot but I wasn't 6'4"
All I used to wish for was a 64
To be someone these mixed whores wouldn't ignore
A snotnose snatching purses and stealing bikes
Had knowledge to sell, my ma was a isolate
By 15 gangbangers tried to end my life
By 16 I was shooting pistols in the night
If I had to write a autobiography
It'd only be one sentence -- I'm a G
Dead or in the penitentiary is where I should be
But like a rolex time piece I'm glocking G's
Cause they can't get enough of the sinister flow
Witness the glow, God rap let the minister know
They had to let the lyricyst in the dough
Getting dough, kinda dough that make a friend of a foe
This industry is like an innocent ho, backwards
Spitting wack words, niggas will blow
Here we go, I'm constructing pyramids in your dome
While im killing this show
Cause every line is like niggas
I guess my life's a bitch huh?
Slaughterhouse ain't gone platinum im supposed to jump of of a bridge huh
Im supposed to slit open my wrists huh
A number one billboard platinum black ass to kiss huh
For money nah I can't underachieve
So like growing up with gangsters I came up with g's
The deck stacked against me, got an ace up my sleeve
So winning is not in the cards, winning the game's up to me
They coming for my head, dont let the game circumcise ya
How can my grass be greener we use the same fertilizer
Everybody's a hoodlum, niggas ain't even muslim
And they passing on the pig game they ain’t heard Elijah

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