Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire Lyrics Crooked I

[Verse 1: Crooked I]
Eastside, the mind of this Eastsider
Our memories vivid enough for Scorsese to retire as screenwriter
Drug lords and police wires
Drug wars and cease fires
And lyin’ bitches who sleep by us
The streets got they own set of rules
Better move with that Beretta tool
And be ready to dead a dude
Cheddar rules everything around revenues
The evil us men do when we in the devil’s shoes
Halos and heathens
Angels and demons
Our payroll, got us on Rodeo
At Nieman’s
But a-yo, lay low, ‘cause they know
We schemin’
Quaalodes and yayo from Pedro
We eatin’
Your pockets are rabbit ears - no Bugs Bunny
That’s the reason a Crip’ll get Blood money
I know some gangsta disciples who got love for me
So vice-lords move to Cali and buy guns from me
And they’ll knock you, no matter where you’re at
Your fitted can get it: the concrete’ll wear your hat (wear your hat)
Wear I’m at: wear a gat
Keep the piece, even if you keep the peace like that Arab cat Arafat
You’re married to the streets: this is where your marriage at
Like dude that married McJack(?), son ya get smacked
It’s bad on the streets, nigga beat it
The young die and I won’t repeat it
Look at all these tricks and johns trying to get what the whores offer
In a pimp’s empire that bitch is a boardwalker
They put blow on her stomach to snort off her
Then go to church and offer the lord copper
Pennies, later on he’s with his wife
While she on her knees swallowing all his STDs
See in this life of mine
I got to be blurry on the details of my life of crime
Leave them 16 bars behind
So I don’t do 16 behind bars of those kinds
I’ma just recline
And love what you fake rappers are spittin’
I kinda like when you niggas rap what I’m livin’
I worship God just like a Catholic or Christian
But sssut-sssut-C.O.B. that’s my religion
I read the Quran and Islamic scriptures
Now I’m ‘bout to get Psalms on both arms my niggas
If I was born rich, I’d probably be hip-hop’s Carlton Banks
But I grew up hard in the paint, walk the yard with a shank
Level 4 armor turn your cars into tanks
Nah this ain’t marketin’, thanks
I ain’t trying to glorify my gangster life now
Just trying to rap my way into a safer lifestyle
Tired of homies dying ‘cause they don’t know enough
Probably why I’m never in the fucking mood to sober up

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