Levels (Freestyle)

Levels (Freestyle) Lyrics Cory Gunz

[Verse 1]
Militia the clique, you know the mission the money
You fuck around with my niggas, I'll put the clip in your tummy
Don't want no niggas that's not about it, that hype me for nothing
I've got a case that's still open, I'll leave you light if you want it
I said it's levels to this shit, peddlin' this shit
He's never seen a bezel with so many pebbles in this shit
A rebel in a suit, I ain't here to settle for this shit
'Fore I fuck her, I'd rather put a kettle on my dick
You might be vexed, I'll turn your wifey ex
I'm ridin' through the BX, the stretch like 3-X
I call my pop PG, Tune call me CG
Welcome back home Turk, BG gotta be next
I'm in Philly with my DC niggas
Me and O'Malley pro method promethazine sippers
Rollin', unloaded, the rider beside her
How to respond if I lit the green, nigga?
You don't wanna smoke...
Tell these niggas to tell all they bitches I'm back
Murder thought...
Tell one of these bitches I'm the shit, matter of fact
Bar for bar, ya'll niggas is behind
I'll put your career in prison any time
I'm my own government
And I'm only runnin' with one rule: no sucker shit
Rob niggas in the public
Beat they eyes back/blue then ask if they seen who they fuckin' with
And the Militia? Suck a dick, pretty trick
...wear the Depends and the dentures like you mother's mother, bitch
Never been too proud to beg
'Cause I'm too high for pride when I move out the bed
I'm up, 'cause sleep is a luxury I can't afford
If I ain't lookin' tired, then you ain't gotta be scared
I'm a nightmare...

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