Foreign Lyrics Cory Gunz

Ridin' round smoking weed with my foreign bitch
Ridin' round smoking weed with my foreign bitch, foreign bitch
My window down on ridin' to my new shit
Got my new bitch, got my got my new bitch
I don’t camp out for no J's they sell them hoes for free
Never payin' for no pussy fuck them hoes for free
Badd bitches on deck

You know how the fuck I do
Puffing bud with my boo, cups of mo with my crew
8 O's of that syrup straight rolling that purp
Fat ass in my lap, sheep pole in my shirt
Hammers all in my belt, grey brim on my scalp
High is all the things up, showing off for myself
Red nikes to my mics, Vans Chucks on my spikes
Low riding yo chick, right behind my bike
Barney piss in my sprite, Christmas grinch in my swish
Ballin on em all night, me and my bitch
Call them hoes some more miley, call them hoes some more drink
Sixty racks in my pocket, all them hoes is gone think
Neck and wrist a bit nippy drinkin I’ma get tipsy
Sipping on me get trippy trippin' I'mma get grippy
Make the chopper get choppy, different I just get cocky
No lippin' ma don't kiss papi, slipping I just get sloppy
Haters ain't in my set, why they all in my mix
Y’all can all get next on my dick bitch


Yep when it’s time for guns to get lifted
It’s time for guns to get lifted
Oh it’s time for guns to get lifted
Border brick for my kicks, border brick for my click
Couple drums for my six, one for my bitch
They ain’t searching no woman I just..that two pocks
Ping pong in that chronic, feel like hologram 2Pac
Gangsta party bust the bitch open
I don’t care what you’re rolling as long as I smoke it
They dont love to see money but I show it
Memory of keep money mental fold of my moment
Marked for death I’m tatted watch yourself ’cause I’m bout it
Kick the fuck out your bitch ass paying won’t be bout it
I ain’t tryin to get violent I'm just tryin to get wasted
Only time I’m smiling is when I get faced it
Take the time taste it, David buyin'..basin
Book bag of that lab I get high as my neighbours
Take the time taste it, base it
Take the time taste it, David buyin..basin
Put the bag in that lab I get high as my greatest


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