Back Up (Schoolin' Pt. II)

Back Up (Schoolin' Pt. II) Lyrics Chuck Inglish

[Verse 1]
Back up! Let me get my shit back
And if it's like that then let's scrap then nigga
Facts, I'm nice with these hands, jack
In the MGM Grand with my dogs shooting craps
Rolling dice, close my eyes, hit a 7 then a 9
Ringside, in a suite, hit 11, courtside
Big time n'ahmean, what's good, what you selling?
Big gold rings on my hands like the champions
In the Hamptons, yea what's happening
? selling yoss like a captain
Bossing up then bussing down like I'm trapping
Pusha side drop tops out like a Phantom
Rapping ass nigga in that little ass jacket
If the shoe fits, wear it, if I said it then I said it
The original live sportswear trendsetter
Y'all ain't bring shit back, man you niggas know better

[Hook x2]
Back up, let me get my shit back
Back up, let me get my shit back
Back up, let me get my shit back
Back up, down like I'm trapping

[Verse 2]
Back in this shit like a toilet
On the phone, plug ironing clothes, doing laundry
Then the phone rung on that mug like I'm hustling
Back in business, you a customer
Call accountant like the IRS coming
At your doorstep and they don't play about they money
Catch me and Justin chopping blades in a Cutlass
Think I'm playing, check the number, if I said it then I own it
Rolling marijuana on a beach in California
I had parked on the corner, play yo part lil' homie
Don't watch me, watch TV
Ay, they giving out degrees for niggas studying me
But I ain't tripping, just let me get my shit right
Ask twice, man I'm not that nice
Cracking knuckles, sounds live like ice right now
You need to live life off lines I write down

[Hook x2]
Back Up (Schoolin' Pt. II)

1/2 of the Cool Kids, Chuck Inglish, who also works as a producer, is getting back to the rap game and prepping a solo LP "Convertibles." Here's a freebie from Inglish in the meantime.

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