Wet Wet

Wet Wet Lyrics Chrishan feat. J. Watts

[Hook: Chrishan]
All night
All night she on it
Drop it on that pole
Go on baby, go on baby
All night
I'mma throw these hundreds
Gotta keep it 100
Yo frame tight and I want it, aw yeah
That bomb-bomb, I mean that wet-wet
Turn around, now let me see that
That bomb-bomb, I mean that wet-wet
Turn around, now let me see that

[Verse 1: J. Watts]
Turning me up, turning me up
Blowing that loud, sipping drank in my cup
Throwing a rack, make it clap for them thugs
Knowing the bigger the nigga that's pimping these bitches
The thicker the bitch that we fuck
Clocking 'em in and them chickens gon' cluck
Forty and over, I'm knocking that dust
Knocking that dust (knocking that dust)
Real nigga lingo, don't understand my Englo
Diving in it, that's Nemo
For them redbones and them Crios
And them dark girls make it lean low
In that pink thong, let that thang show
Stripper broads, and them Audemars
Swear this here your ringtone
Oh, no, slow-mo, let me flow on it
Pull up to the club with them horses on, vroom
I be throwing dick, I tell them bitches go long
All these super-sayings you would think I'm Gohan


[Verse 2: Chrishan]
All these hoes on me
I got that work
I'm known in streets
All my niggas they tote that heat
They bout that bread, they sip that lean
When I was 15, I had me a truck
Bitch in the back, backing it up
Now I'm so full, like I don't give a fuck
Throwing them bands off in the strip club
$100k deposit, got me in the Mazzerati
With a white girl named Molly
And she wanna fuck off that Molly
Said "what's up?"
Jumped on my lap
Pulled out a band
Pulled down my pants
But I don't pay for no pussy
Just let these hoes know that in advance
Never tricking off, hit it 'till she cough
Going deeper, 'till she lost in the sauce
Never tricking off, hit it 'till she cough
Doing 100 on the freeway, screaming motherfuck the law


[Outro: Chrishan]
Oh yeah
All night
Oh, yeah, yeah
All night

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