Love Hates Me

Love Hates Me Lyrics Chris James feat. Pusha T

[Hook: Chris James]
Love me and you drive away, ridin' off and run away
Tell me that you hate me, I just need you to love me
Girl I know you’re crazy, I won’t do it your way
Tell me that you hate me, I just need you to love me

[Verse 1: Chris James]
Hold on a lie, you’re making this crush a love
Say that you had me, say that you wanna trust
Drive me insane, you're driving this crazy love
You're still winding on the pole
Lovin' you is like I’m stuck
I can’t go 'round...
I thought you was destiny

[Bridge: Chris James]
You told me that you loved...
You told me that, you told me that you gave a fuck
You told me that you'd shake it real good for a nigga
You told me that you won’t give in, you like it rough


[Verse 2: Pusha T]
I just dropped album of the year
Better know what you fuckin with
Gotta know what your worth is
Bet your nigga can't double it
Put you all on that red carpet
Paparazzi gon' run with this
Just for laughs, 'Ye spazz
Street nigga, have fun with this
I made one with this
But what comes with this?
These fast broads with crab claws
They dungeoned this
Introduce you to the summer shit
In the wintertime, give a head start
'Round the time when the weather break
We can start stuntin', 'bout mid-March
How that sound to you? I ain’t bound to you
No wedding date, you got three rings
What's a clown to you?
I ain’t sellin' no red nose
Keep on walki' in red soles
Spend the day up in the day spa
Takin' pics up in the Fed booths
You hate to love it
But you love to hate it
Don’t wanna leave it
'Cause the world lookin' like I finally made it
You finally did it, standin' ovation
They smilin' now
But when they get home them hoes hatin'




[Outro: Chris James]
I can't call it, I want all that
I want all I can get
I've been falling, oh, you got me
So just let me free...
Love Hates Me

A late November 2013 single from Chicagoan R&B artist Chris James, featuring Pusha T.

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