W.T.F.I.M.L. Lyrics Chris Brown


Hold up, hold up
What you sayin’ babe?
I heard that your love’s only a mile away
Movin’ slow, why am I wide awake?
All of this pain I’m tryin’ to take away
Don’t bother me
Don’t even bother calling
Drinking tonight
I’m an alcoholic.


Now I’m trying something new tonight,
Where the fuck is my lighter?
I’m tired of all this shit
I want a lighter,
Throw my drink in the fire.

Just let me pass out,
I just wanna escape,
Turn the lights off,
I wanna black out,
We are not one and the same.

So where the fuck is my lighter?


I’mma take off while I can
While I’m running with the flame
In the night time, I’mma come alive
When I’m seeing a crazy face
But none of ‘em look the same
I’mma let go
Just wanna let go
I hear what you’re sayin’
Got a liquor plan
Killin’ my brain is suicide
Veins burning up
It feels like I’m gonna die
I’ll take two shots
Fuck it if you watching
Give me the bottle
I’mma down it
I’mma run off
with the Swisher


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