Somebody Else (Remix)

Somebody Else (Remix) Lyrics Chris Brown

[Intro x4]
You left me for somebody else now

[Verses 1: Chris Brown]
I never saw this day coming
That you would ever wanna leave me
Baby, you told me no matter what
Your heart would always be for me
Always be for me

[Bridge: Chris Brown]
Now I’m alone, said she wanna be ghost, yeah
I don’t really like it, but I gotta take it
Damn, damn, damn, girl
When you coming back?
So you never coming back? yeah
I don’t believe that
But right now I gotta accept the fact

[Hook: Chris Brown]
You left me for somebody else now
I wish I never loved you
You left me, baby you left me
Girl I can’t stop thinkin' ‘bout you
You left me for somebody else now
Girl I wish I never met you
You left me, baby you left me
Cause I wouldn't be your body

[Verses 2: Chris Brown]
Yeah you treat me bad
Made me feel like you was my everything
Made me feel you was worth something yeah
You had me feeling like you really cared
Told me you would always be there
But your not here and that's not fair



[Verse 3: Chris Brown]
And now I'm alone, no passion relaxing they attract to my cologne
Cars, cash, and fashion, look at it, I put you on
Money greedy for the cheese add the provolone
You let him fuck, I dont buy that
Cause Tommy by my gut, make em to fuck
And turn this shit to Iraq
My shit blazin', tell me where you hot at?
She can't save you, I know where you hide at
She left me, but I seen it coming ESP
Hit me below the belt, right under my testes
Got a nigga going crazy, missin' wet sheets
I should'a knew she wanted waiter, check please
Audi maury on the wrists, supposed to be spendin' it on my bitch
Always claiming I'mma fuck nigga
But its funny how you trust niggas

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