See Through

See Through Lyrics Chris Brown

[Verse 1]
She's like a diamond in the rough
She's my passion
Supernova, the brightest star
The main attraction
Only she motivates my heart
To beat like it's racing
So I put her up on the pedestal
All up under her like a basement
But I wonder if she even noticed me

Girl I see ya
Baby I promise I will make ya a believer tonight
This' an introduction, to yo' seduction [yeah]
I promise you'll be alright
You are...
Treating me like I'm see through
Just like I'm see through
My heart breaks like I'm made of glass
Girl you are...
Treating me like I'm see through
Just like I'm see through
Just want the adrenaline back

[Verse 2]
My desire
Infrared on you, all I see is fire
And I just want to cool it down
Baby just hear me out
I think that she's looking right now
Baby, all I want to do is save you [save ya]
If this is a dream I don't wanna wake up [wake up]
From there, come here
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?


[Verse 3]
What I gotta do for you to notice me
I'm Breezy ain't nobody cold as me
With all this ice on, I'm supposed to freeze
But I put that fur on, call me polar beast [yeah]
E-A-R, she play hard
Wor-ship her, she should play God
Fresh cut
I'm a king call me seize-her
Need to listen up, call me H-E-A-R, ha
I could've picked her
But a nigga only wanted you
Only had 1 whip first
But fuck it, I don't mean to curse, now I got a few
A couple cribs, some bangin' bills
The only thing missin' is me and you
While I swim in, you could see the pool
Bouta live in glass house, I'm see through


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