Bitch I'm Paid

Bitch I'm Paid Lyrics Chris Brown


Yeah, haha
What, big shit nigga
Haha, A hunnid or nothing
Look, leggo


Bitch I'm paid, thats all I gotta say
She drop it on the floor and this money on the way
I say i'm, bitch I'm paid thats all I gotta say
When you talk about that money pattycake, pattycake
I say ya, bitch I'm paid, that's all I gotta say
When the media talk about a nigga just smoke a blunt and roll up
Bitch I'm paid it's all I gotta say
Living every fucking day like im paid leggo

[Verse 1]

I’m grindin hard but this money is callin the shots
Got that big banking this money long and they stick in my hand the pot
With this rolex I bowflex and my ears looking like rocky
Better better gone head with that bullshit cause I am something you not
Betta put your hands up if you wanna knuckle up
Take you for that ride better buckle up
I got bands up for them dancers
When your shift is up come fuck with us
It’s a real nigga affair ‘cause them real niggas in here
Girl better get up on me for a real nigga disappear
Got that ghost outside waiting, got that ... cameras hating
Got my shades on, nigga wanna talk that shit im elevating
All my ladies celebrating
If my bitches catch you snippin you’ll be tied up in my basement
No location that shit cray
Ha, what you mean I big headed, oh talkin bout my dick
What you mean that shit peddy, oh talkin bout my bitch
Talking bout I’m a light bright
You talking bout my wrist
Didn’t know I could rap right, na
But this that shit


[Verse 2]

Ya'll not cooperating
My occupation is to occupy all these nations
Communication with yo' lady in my new mercedes
I’m riding down with my top down
Too much smoke up in my weave
Better let that shit air out
Better give me that nana
Call me dada and i'll be papa
I’ma be your cookie monster
Gon treat me like a nigga willy wonka
But you know a nigga really want you
Bang bang I do the damn thing
But you really hit it again and it make a bitch role up
I own this necklace, matter of fact all of this my shit
That’s my ring, that’s my range
I’ma put to make your bitch my bitch
I said money ain’t never no issue
Crying nigga gonna take a tissue
It’s crazy in the club the night
And nigga we ain’t seen you



Nigga got me tipsy, I'm slowly leaning
Lookin at her titties, she high beaming
She lookin at my chain but, all she really want is my semen
I'm let ha get it, right on the face clear it up like noxzema
Now a nigga like me I can do a rap song any day of the week
Singing ass nigga tatted up though ladies know I'm a freak
You know I'm a freak, You know I'm a freak
It's breezy bitch YIKES a nigga cold on the beat
Cold as ice

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