Right There

Right There Lyrics Chinx Drugz feat. French Montana & Juicy J

Donkey on her back side, she holdin'
On the white liquor, she Patronin'
All the hustlers know about her, money all around her
She bust open that flower for a dollar holla leave that right there
Look at that right there, look at that right there

[Hook x3]
Right there? look at that right there
Look at that right there

[Verse 1: Chinx Drugz]
I be turnt up to the max, goin off with them racks
Made it in with my strap, up in here with the hats
Keep my swisher full of that gas, twenty five a bag
Small waist all ... no mask
In that horse stance she bow-legged
When she walk, she look like she shakin'
Twenty foot long, I gon' change it
Man that guy is ...
Keep my pocket, que ball
Hit the club, scoop two more
Your money funny, Duval
You... , Rupaul
Locked eyes when I seen her
...Just like Trina
Scoop em up the street and you clean em
Give em dick I dont feed em
Rocked up Im freezin', hard cold Im bleedin'
Damn look at that .., man that for no reason


[Hook x3]

[Verse 2: Juicy J]
Juicy J always stay faded, countin on pills and ladies
Geeked up in the Mercedez, kush blowin' like a 380
..., bought the whole box on love
While she be shakin' that ass, I'm throwin that cash and sippin' that mud
A quarter pound and a double cup
I'm trippy mane I dont give a fuck
Molly make her give it up, them bands here give it up
All in my, all in my lap, she knows the words to my raps
Model from the front, Cherokee from the back
I wear glass frames keep my name in her mouth
The stand on this red bone I know she from the South
You know I stay stuntin', got more game then Playstation
Tip it one more time, that bitch goin' on vacation


[Hook x3]

[Verse 3: French Montana]
Big shouts to your lady, she down low like Dayda
Montana that pimp, Flowin' state them gators
Hundred bands in this, hundred bands in this bitch, then we roll out
New Orleans, New Orleans got that Superdome
See dat, pop it, what you twerkin' with?
Throw a hundred bands on that pole turbulance
Game we perfected, now we runnin' it
First we hit Perfections then Sin City
Shorty bust it open then she bring her friend
She no day in front, really got them M's
Mr. haaa, Montana
Chinx Drugz, fall rock put that camera on her..


[Hook x3]
Right There

Coke Boyz member, Chinx Drugz, grabs Juicy J and French Montana for his newest release "Right There". Flex bombs for now.

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