I Hate Being Sober

I Hate Being Sober Lyrics Chief Keef feat. None

Chorus: Damn I Hate Being Sober, Ima Smoker, Fredo A Drinker, Tadoe Off Molly Water, We Can't Spell Sober, BallOut Rollup, Wen We Rollup Bitchs Be On Us, Im Smokin & Im Drinking It Takes Over For No Reason We Can't Spell Sober, You Know Us We Smoke Strong Brah, Watch Me Rollup Cause I Hate Being Sober

On My Tour Bus We Get Dumb High You's A Floor Boy, Fredo Got A Hangover He Toten The Cobra Lastnight He Was Shootin Shit Up Like ODog, Reese Rolling Tadoe Got Hoes Off Mollys, Chief Sosa BallOut We Out Riding Rari's

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