April Fools

April Fools Lyrics Chief Keef

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I play all my hoes like April Fools'
Watch me play my role... April Fools'
They ain't 'bout it, they just jokin' ... April Fools'
Yeah, they actin' like they blowin' ... April Fools' (you know it)
Actin' like they got it... April Fools'
And I like stacks in different wads... April Fools'
Actin' like they from the projects... April Fools'
Now watch me change the topic... April Fools'

[Verse 1: Chief Keef]
He say he cashed out... April Fools'
He just bought some shell-toes and some fake-ass Trews
He say the life he 'bout... April Fools'
His ass be in the house, I ain't no fool
Fuckin' with them O-Boyz, you gon' make the news
He say he squeezin' .30s... April Fools'
He say he ain't lackin'... April Fools'
Then how he get caught lackin'? I ain't no fool


[Verse 2: Chief Keef]
Boy, you ain't gettin' money, shoulda ate your food
Say you gon' make a move, nigga? ... April Fools'
Boy, you hang around a bunch of April Fools
Niggas say they gon' do what they ain't gon' do
Ten grand a lot of money, nigga... April Fools'
I hit the Louis store, spend that on KayKay's shoes
A hundred grand a lot of money, nigga... April Fools'
I spent that on a foreign, just to make a move


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