Tye Dye

Tye Dye Lyrics Chevy Woods feat. Stalley

[Intro: Chevy Woods]
Yeah man
Sucka niggas do sucka shit
Diamonds pressed up against the wheel
You know that's TGOD
My nigga Stalley, thats MMG
Smoke one

[Verse 1: Chevy Woods]
As that marijuana steam up, I get a clean cut
Not the barber chair my nigga you know my money up
You can call me what you wanna just don't call me "bro"
At night them fiends used to call me for that zip of coke
I know you thinking Cola but I'm talking yola
I was a pimp, see for that white girl when they tell me "hol' up"
Now it's credit cards and passports your little money fold up
They playing kid games with that little change and my money grown up
Adult cash you don't see at all
You at the game you a fan you see how we ball
Them cards real and them cars real
And yo bitch a fan so she park still
When she see niggas like us roll thru here
24 months grindin' and that's 2 years
That's like dough we're like dough
So we can roll up that good smoke

And I'm rollin' like a player
Smokin' like a hippie
I heard these niggas want me tell em' them niggas come and get me
Cause this is a life We chose
We can't see you through all the smoke (2x)

[Verse 2: Stalley]
Treat my cat my hat low
Savaged into my rag show
Raw Papers got my eyes low
I'm in my zone I'm geeked up
No jewelry tucked this all out
Not in the front brought the cars out
Got this 'ish jumping like Ron Brows
Packed inside like Run's House
You bird ass niggas better run South
This boss in here we off in here
With burners out nigga I brought all the shooters out and they spread out
Like a West Coast Offense
Wanna say hike they gon' toss it ain't no fight
Ain't no talkin' they just sparkin'
Loyal ass niggas that'll ride for they dog, man
Man, I try to keep these killas at home
But these lame ass niggas is hoes and just won't leave a niggas alone
So when I say I up the chrome I ain't talkin' bout my wheels
I'm talkin' bout them stones that will come and pop that steel

[Hook 2x]

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