Taylors In Paris

Taylors In Paris Lyrics Chevy Woods

[Intro: Blades of Glory sample]
We're going to skate to one song only

Uh, Uh, Taylor, Wizzle.. what's good? Chevy, uh

Niggas jacking my old flow, that shit crazy
Me getting to this money, that’s no maybe
Trying to see 2 mills, Eminem that so shady
You wanna play Notorious, it’s all gravy

Ball so hard, motherfuckers wanna sign me
But look at my time piece
Im'a name this Puff Daddy, don't make a sham...
Ball so hard motherfuckers wanna sign me
But I’m a Taylor though
Cruising in that coupe, when I ride past
You smell that smoke

Hit so hard motherfuckers wanna find me
That’s a terrible sin
Oh my god, my flow is heaven sent
I remember the days, I ain’t have a cent
Now I’m Cam Newton, you Mr. irrelevant

Go so hard, motherfuckers wanna stop me
That shit crazy
Roll up another ten, my eyes lazy
You act like you get money, Patrick Swayze
One option: Fuck with us, the new Navy

Stunt so hard cuz its part of my life
Evel Knievel, gotta feed my dog, they bite
Quarterback for the Eagles
Straight jacket that padded room, that's real crazy
You live for nothing, that’s Jeff Lacey

Smoke so much hotels wanna fine us
That shit crazy, that shit crazy, that shit crazy
Hahhah yeaah
Taylor gang over everything, fly high
This money being made, don’t worry 'bout how we spend it
Checks, my nigger, yeah

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