Neighborhood Lyrics Chevy Woods feat. Nipsey Hussle

America is built on two things, controversy and money
If its not a black and not a white things it’s a green thing

Real nigga pride, rich nigga problems
Real nigga pride, rich nigga problems
Real nigga pride, rich nigga problems
Broke niggas eyes on this rich nigga pockets

That late night money had a nigga running wild
And them niggas really in it they don’t crack a smile
Ghetto bitches they be choosing can’t blame em its culture
Them police hit the corner they vultures them niggas on us
She just give us the eye but she just wanna fuck the rims
And let a real nigga crush it in a pair of tims
My niggas got felonies fuck around get booked
And yeah theres way more to it aint bout a look
They be loading up them pistols I keep it for protection
And if my niggas call, Ill be there in a second
I just keep it g, I put that on the gang
You do a couple shows and think you got a lot of fame
That’s the way of the world, what you see on tv
Tell em I say be careful it aint what’s up on that screen
All this for a little white girl, that Avril Lavigne
Like fuck the middle man I never pay that in between


Still got real nigga pride and rich nigga problems
Broke niggas eyes on this rich niggas pockets
I aint switched I survived I did this off of Slauson
This the same game plan that aint wanna be involved with
Fast forward all these pretty bitches flocking
Swiss wristwatches that my whole clique rocking
Bitch niggas silent young Nip split the profit
I aint stupid I aint scared so that’s highly unlikely
Niggas don’t like me kill me, come fight me feel me
I aint the type of nigga cover his life
Me I value every breath whats wrong and whats right
Before you envy success my respect my sacrifice
And if you can’t they be dropping casket twice
Cuz if you get me I got niggas coming back that night
But if you with me we go shopping and don’t ask that price
Its love or hate but nigga that’s just life yeah


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